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Need Some Partners for Epoch!

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Hello, laddies! I had recently made a post in off-topic about needing people for a video series for my YouTube Channel (found here), but after nearly 3 days of recording and ZERO useable footage in DayZRP, I've moved on to try DayZ Epoch and hope for the best.

But, the best hasn't come yet. I had a base started and then died. Went back to the base and found that it had been blown to bits (along with all my stuff I had) when someone crashed a bi-plane into it (the odds are astronomical, but it fricking happened and it sucked). So yeah, now I am on a new server (DayZ Norway's server) and I'm just starting over, hoping that people won't f*** me over anymore, since apparently the people are rather nice on this server.

Anyhow, I am still interested in partners for a DayZ Epoch adventure, which will hopefully encompass PvP, Trading and Building a base! So if you are interested, all I ask is that you have TS3 available and are able to speak via mic when needed. If you are interested, send me a PM or reply below and I will contact you. (You need to include 'I would like to be your partner' or some variation in your comment/message or I probably won't message you.)


OH! I should probably mention that I've done some recent research and have gotten some sweet background sounds from TechnoAXE (KUDOS!) as well as a DayZ Intro clip from another user, which I've modified so it says DayZ Epoch and not just DayZ, and both will be used in my new videos! Woo for professionalism! :D

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Hey I'd be interested too, but I'm from Australia so not sure how the time difference will work out.

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The time difference shouldn't be a problem. I frequently play nights (I'm in america, so that's probably like morning for you) when I work (which is overnights, 4 days out of the week). I sent you a message, so when you reply we can discuss times we play and whatnot.

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