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My DayzRP Story before applying. Feedback, please!

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Guest AceAviators   
Guest AceAviators

It all begins in Columbus, Ohio. A baby boy named Joshua. A boy raised as any other, sports, messing around, just like the others. I was a football player throughout highschool. My grades were high, and my love of cameras grew every year. Traveling was a big part of my family's tradations back then. Every year was a different country, every couple of months was a different state. All of these trips encouraged me to take photographs, and I actually got pretty good at capturing the moment. But honestly, it was to enjoy life. Throughout highschool I kept a good physic, at 6'1, 188 pounds I was a good size for sports. Upon my graduation I took a year off before getting into any Colleges. While this upset my parents, I wanted a break.

But my parents were not going to give me a lifetimes worth of money. I was told that my father was trying to work out an internship with a branch of our company. I was told by my father that the internship would involve some kind of photography. This wasn't a problem, because I was fasinated with cameras ever since my fourth birthday, where I got his first real camera.

My father ended up working out a deal,and got me an internship. On June 5th, 2012 I received a call from a man with an accent I couldnt recognize. The call was an offer for an internship to travel to an island named Chernarus. After a bit of researching and packing, I accepted the offer, waved my family goodbye, and traveled across the world to this island.

Before getting on the flight I was really nervous. I hadnt traveled without my family before, and this internship was scheduled to last around 400 days. Upon boarding the flight my nerves calmed. The flights were long. Halfway to Chernarus I had to board a second flight, because of the distance. As I flew over the northeastern side of Chernarus, I was amazed by the large mountains and vast plains. I had seen landscape like this in his travels before, but this place seemed... Different.

Landing on the Northeastern airstrip I got a cab down to one of the so called bigger cities in Chernarus, Berezino. The cab dropped me off at the apartment complex I had been supplied with by the company that gave me the internship. A knock was heard on my door early one morning, when I was greeted by a man with coffee. We discussed what I would be doing in Chernarus, and how they expected it'd be done. I would be earning twenty five dollars an hour while on the job. My job was what I love to do, simply capture works of art. Which would be sold by the company. I was supplied with a small, white car, 6000 units of money, and a very nice camera. The job kept my bank account full, and the apartment cozy.

A few months into the job I sold three photographs, unsure of the price. But, I was told that good work was being put out, so I continued to do what I had done before. The sold photos consisted of the sunset off of one of the larger mountains. The other picture was a large plain flying off into the sunset, with the water glinting off of it.

Upon driving through Chernarus with a co-worker, Stephen, I had found what seemed to be the perfect spot to capture a few photos. We set up a camp and stayed there for a few days. After three days I had shot about twenty pictures. While heading back to Berezino I saw acouple of signs about some kind of class about survival and shooting lessons. I had alot of spare money and time, so I decided to pull over and sign up for both of them.

January, 2013 ; A few months passed. my contract with the company were slowly diminishing day by day. But my work was still selling. I had been up Northwest in hope to find the perfect photograph.I ended up taking a photo of a small lake, it was hard to explain but what seemed to be a very nice photo. I packed up my camera gear and camp, got into my car and headed down south. Upon driving through one of the smaller towns I saw a big cloud of black smoke, and a rather large crowd of people. "What the fuck..." There it was, A woman was eaten in half, two men tearing at her insides. I sped up, in shock. Acouple of the crazed men and women jumped into the road, in attempt to what seemed to be do the same thing to me, as they did to that poor girl. I slammed on the pedal, and kept going down a few miles.

I was stopped by what seemed to be a roadblock. The men looked like they were apart of the army, but I didnt know for sure. I was demanded to get out of the car, and to put my hands on my head. "ARE YOU INFECTED, DID YOU GET BITTEN?!" the man yelled. "No... no... What do you mean infected? You mean the crazed people up north?" I replied. "They're... dead, we killed a few of them and they got right back up a few minutes later..." A man off to the side said, another armed soldier. But the leader told a few men to get me food and water, and a tent to sleep in. I was sent into a camp with about fifteen other people, all of them had the same look as me, fear. I ate my portions, helped a medic 'attempt' to save a bitten soldier, and slept in the same, small tent for three long days. Mid afternoon of the third day the camp was overrun. I managed to escape without anyone else. I slipped out while the place was in chaos. without a weapon, without my car, without my camera. I had survival skills, but I didnt know I'd actually need to use them, until now...

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