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My Backstory *Constructive Criticism Wanted*

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Note:I have not got a chance to send in my app with this backstory yet

First Name: Sam

Last Name: Pascal


Age: 27

Height: 6'3

Weight: 213 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Pre-Outbreak Profession: CIA (Operations Lead Chernarus Division of the National Clandestine service)

Demeanor: Cunning, Cautious, Ability to make hard choices, Friendly, Athletic

786 days before the outbreak-

Today I arrived in Chernarus. I am the operations lead of the newly created Chernarus Division of the CIA. We arrived in the dead of night so no one will know we are even here. Of course all the missions will come from the director in Washington, for now. I think as I gain trust I will also gain control since I am the ranking officer on the ground. The locals do't know who we are and we have set up a small bunker in a town called Kemenka. I was made for this job. I am cunning and know how to make hard choices. Some people call this recklessness and they would not last a day in my shoes. I do value human life though and will get my agents out of any situation if it doesn't mean loss of civilian lives.

I still have not told you why I am here though. The country is worried sick about a Russian attack on Chernarus lands and they want us to make sure NATO forces will know when an attack will come and be ready to crush the opposition. For now I am just making sure everyone has what they need and we will start working tomorrow. Our plan is to set up key contacts around the local political leaders. We have discovered that one member of Chernarus's congress is a Russian agent. Turning an agent against his country is tough and delicate but will be our first order of business. We also know he fought in Vietnam for the Americans. He was drafted but it might be enough to make him reconsider whether he wants to go back to the Soviet scum on our side so we do not reveal this to them or on theirs in which we will reveal it and he will become a traitor.

704 days before the outbreak-

We did it!We turned Vladimir Domes he is now a agent for us. Now all we do is sit in wait. It could be months before we hear anything. Hell it could be years. Now we need to move on to other priority targets. In the three months we have been here the Chernarus political scene has changed. The Prime Minister has become corrupt. He is passing laws that would not stand in any western democracy. Anti-Piracy laws putting hundreds of little kids in jail every day for downloading a movie.He has brought back public hangings and torture as well. I am not ready to call for a coup but something has to be done. A coup will be a last ditch. First spying and starting protest then assassination if necessary.

647 days before the outbreak-

We have won our initial goal. Domes has given us plenty of good information about Russian intelligence. They have yet to assemble an invasion force. Domes has also provided the names of KGB spies in America. This is all great but we have lost as much as we won in terms of freedoms for the Chernarus people. Prime Minister Yiri Bartik has taken more control.

He has gone way farther than his bull shit laws putting kids away for five years. He has become a dictator. Calling him Prime Minister has become somewhat of a joke between the locals. When I first saw signs of a dictatorship I tried to get an assassination set up. It was in vain. I couldn't get support from the big shots in Washington until it was to late. Serves them right. Today is the day we are lighting the sparks of a revolution. One that will not be as peaceful as I would like but beggars won't be choosers.

521 days before the outbreak-

It worked, our coup worked. Well sort of anyways. There is a seemingly fair democracy that will listen to the people. The only problem is the leading party. It is the dam Russian dictators that bring shame to the great political theory of communism. I guess Russian scum as democratic political leaders if that is possible is at least better than a dictator with an iron fist. Unless that dictator is your puppet of course.

124 days before the outbreak-

I have not written in my trust journal in a little over a year so I decided I would. Nothing special has happened. The Russians party has been reasonable even if I do not like them. Domes is just giving secrets when he gets them but nothing important. I think at this point he really does believe in the American cause more than the Russian one.

23 days before the outbreak-

It happened code red. What we have been waiting for since we got here. It is happening. We just sounded the alarm everyone back at Langley is waking up to the situation. Domes got the information late as he is still a civilian even if he is high up in Russian politics. The Russians are coming. We have two weeks at best until the invasion begins according to Domes.

19 days before the outbreak-

The first set or U.S reinforcements are here. NATO is planning its' defense force. The U.S came in the dead of night and are hidden as guerrilla fighters everywhere around Chernarus.

11 days before the outbreak-

The Russians are here. Not in Kamenka yet. They are being held up in Electro. Their troops were not prepared to fight much less fight Gorilla fighters waiting for them. They lost many troops and their vehicles ate our IEDs and landmines. Best part is we have no ROE since we are technically not there. We are holding off the invasion but it sounds like we can only delay it with the amout of reinforments that we got here in time. Hopefully a whole anti-invasion force will be here soon. NATO says they need twelve days to muster that. I think we might last a week. You never know though. I think I can blend in. Everyone here has learned how to in the past two years.

The ourbreak-

There are these zombies outside the bunker. Almost half the town is one. We are going to have to make a run for it. We all are packing supplies and will leave tonight once it gets dark.

6 days after the outbreak-

I am the only survivor left of 31 of us in the bunker. 21 of us were turned into zombies. The other ten died of infection, wounds, or left with one of the clans we came across. Already clans have formed. Some want to help, some are self absorbed. We call these hero and bandit clans on Chernarus. I want to end up somewhere in between. The outbreak has swept the country according to Chernarus Live. I will either find other intelligence officers. I know there was an MI6 cell and we had a bunker of 26 people in the capital. We will work as intelligence officers for whoever pays us to get food and water.

If I can not find other intelligence officers than I will find a group that will make use of my talents. I still want to help fight the Russians as they still continue their invasion as separate clans according to people who got robbed by them. SKA is the most powerful right now. My first duty is to myself. I have to stay alive. My second is to my country to take down the Russian scum!

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I'm fairly sure that the Russian invasion happened a bit more than 21 days (was that intentional?) before the apocalypse, and being both 'cold' and 'friendly' is kind of impossible. It overall seems like another typical super soldier type.

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The way I understood it was the Russian invasion was just getting rolling as the outbreak started but I did not look deep into it. Secondly when I said cold I meant I will get what needs to be done, done and the ability to make hard choices. By friendly I mean I will help someone in need. Lastly for the soldier type I planned on being a spy type once/if I got in game. I will change cold to the ability to make hard choices.


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Sentence structure is kind of short, could just use some commas. Also some grammar check would be needed as well.

Like the story though, good luck!

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This is just a rough draft. You are right I do need to make grammatical changes before I send it in. Although I am not to confident the whitelist will be opened up again within a week or so. Hey you never know though.

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Guest Lags4you

I want to go make my own back story now.

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