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Idea for a clan diplomacy Fourm.

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So I have this Idea for a Clan diplomacy forum.

I think a lot of you have been there, a new clan comes around and they put your clan on there enemies list, Thinking that one of your officers had read there forms they believe that they have KOS rights against you, you being unaware that your clan is at war get shot out of nowhere and a big misunderstanding in the following formal report ensues.

Or even when you take a break from DayzRP and once you get back suddenly your clans old enemies are your friends and it just gets really confusing.

The goal of the clan diplomacy forums if not to meta game the system and leave out in game diplomacy events. The hope it that after said event or once a alliance has been formally formed, then the forum will act more like a public decelerations board.

Where official alliance would be declared and Wars will also be declared. Also containing in the public decelerations would be a truce between two or more clans involved in a war, and public decelerations of friendship.

For example, lets say a clan called generic clan name 1 wants to make peace with generic clan name 2. Well generic clan name 1 sends there diplomat to the settlement owned by generic clan name 2. The negotiations go smoothly and generic clan name 1 and generic clan name 2 are no longer at war. the clan leader of either clan then goes to the clan diplomacy forums and starts a thread named, Ceasefire/ truce agreement with generic clan name 2 (or 1). They then will go on to explain the basics of what happened at the treaty signing, they don't have to go into great detail, but what the post must contain is. Who is involved in this agreement, for how long does the truce last, and the formal deceleration of ceasefire telling all clan members of either clan to not make hostile actions to the other clan in the truce agreement.

It is in my hope that this will ease the confusion on clan politics.

The RP explanation for everyone suddenly being aware of these private dealing could be simply that after the proceeding, the clans involved send out a radio transmission telling there men and all who are allies with them that the war is over and they can return to there settlements or something along those lines.

Please give me feed back on this, I think that this is just a convenient little idea, it could also give clans a chance to actually have a lasting peace and give some order to the chaos in chernarus.

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Yeah I can see it getting to be too be a pain,Ill just be happy if some form of this will be a thing. Just to ease confusion in the early weeks of a clan coming about and trying to ground itself. A clan that wants to be around for a while has to try to make contacts early just so it can survive until it can stand on its own.

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