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Tomeran's "survival point" system

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There's been a debate recently(or for a long time, perhaps) about people not valuing their lives, and what can be done to correct this. There's been all matter of blame tossed around, and all manner of suggestions. With the recent suggestion of making it a rule to permadeath characters upon reaching 0 blood(which I personally REALLY dont agree with), I figured I'd post an alternative for people that feel they are caught in the middleground.

This would be for people that dont quite believe in permadeath roleplaying, thinking it is too severe, but also would like for there to be more consequense to their death.

It is essentially a point-system that I have personally used for Tomeran since I started to seriously roleplay with the character back in November 2012.

Tomeran's survival point system

Essentially, the survival point system is about one thing: If you survive long enough and do well(kills, feats etc), you gain "points", that effectivly serves as "extra-lives" for your character.

Yes, this is of course unrealistic compared to permadeath RP but lets not even go into that territory, as we all know 90% of what goes on in dayzRP is hidiously unrealistic. This is a system that is, as previously mentioned, a middleground and a "softer" version for people that want consequenses, but dont believe in instant permadeath RP or want it for their own characters.

How to gain points

The system itself is fairly flexible. You can adjust things as you see fit and offer points for what you see fit. What I am about to write down below however is how I play it, my personal preferance. And I have the preferance of wanting it rather difficult and complicated to gather points, to add more consequenses to a death.

The following things yield a "survival point" for me:

- Survival of 24 ingame hours

This is the key way to gain points. It is important to note "Ingame hours" here, because if we just said "out of game IRL hours", then this system doesnt work. You'll be drowning in survival points before you know it. Again, you may adjust this number of ingame hours as you see fit if you think 24 is too much.

It doesnt require it to be 24 hours in a row, it can continue to count after death. This again is of course highly voluntary, but I personally feel that if I manage to survive 23 ingame hours(quite the feat), I want it to mean something and not for the timer to be reset to 0 after death.

Of course this requires that you keep tabs, roughly on how long you play. Note I say "roughly" here, I'll elaborate on this further down.

- PvP Combat Prowess (3 kills)

This is a sketchy one, and requires a fair bit of explenation. I've never actually achieved this myself since I almost never participate in PvP combat, but I figured I'd mention this anyway. It is basicly based on how many people you manage to kill in one single encounter. If the kill count for you, personally, for that single encounter, is 3 or higher, you get a survival point. 3 might seem low to some people that are in frequent PvP fights, and I realize I set the bar relativly low for myself here. But that is because I almost never participate in PvP fights and im not sure I'd have the weaponry or experience to pull off realisticly more then this. Executed victims that have complied do not count here.

An alternative to this is to keep the kill count as a total(and not just in a single encounter), but if that's done I recomend the number is put -much- higher, perhaps ten or twenty. Im also not convinced this is a good idea, as it might encourage some people to kill more people when it can and should be avoided.

- PvE Combat Prowess (400 kills)

This is fairly clear-cut, although used to be fairly difficult to keep track of. Now thanks to the updated leaderboards, this is easier. Essentially, for every 400 zombies you kill, you gain a survival point. Yes, 400 is a -ton- of zombies, and this is a clear example of a number that you yourself may adjust to your preferance. Me personally, I kill -a lot- of zombies, and 400 seemed a fitting number for me.

- "Prestige" prowess

This is the most vague and fuzzy way to offer a survival point, and it might be an idea to avoid this entirely unless you set clear examples up.

Essentially, this is a way to offer survival points if you manage to do amazing things in dayzRP. Maybe you manage to do a full 360 flip with an ATV. Maybe you manage to survive a raging gunfight with several dozen people and you in the middle, and you walk away without a scratch despite all the odds. Maybe you rob a whole convoy of fully armed dangerous people when you have nothing but a hatchet yourself. Things like these are enourmous feats that deserves some sort of reward, and I reckon a survival point is one way to do it.

I've only ever offered one of these for myself, and that was during a massive gunfight at NEAF when bandits robbed two helicopters(I was in one of them) and slaughtered EVERYONE except for myself and one other guy in one of the most insanely intense firefights I've ever experienced. I essentially ran across the airfield under close quarters full auto machinegun fire like John McLane with bullets flying in the ground all around me, and I walked away without a scratch.

...so yeah, things like that.

Stacking points, and what happens when you run out.

So yes, this system requires that you have a notepad.(I use the digital version)

Its rather simple, try to keep tabs on your ingame time(this is generally the most demanding part) and then the other factors, and write up a point in the notes for everyone you earn. It is not THAT complicated, but it does put some demands on you. Again, the leaderboards is a good helpful tool to keep track of ingame time and zombie kills, but dont be completly reliant on it as it may be slow to update sometimes.

It is minimal paperwork, but it requires a degree of DISCIPLINE. Because when you run out of these points, the whole idea is that your character DIES. Permadeath. Unforgivable, horrible, miserable permadeath. No matter what.

If anything else happens, the whole point of the system is flawed and there's no way you should bother with it, imo.

Of course there MAY be exceptions, like dying from glitches or as a result of freaky conditions due to a restart or KoS. But you need to be crystal-clear about these conditions and follow the system with a degree of discipline, otherwise you'll intentionally bend the rules to offer your beloved character a way out.

Write a pact with yourself in blood to follow the system and be honest with yourself, or dont follow the system at all.

The complications

This system can inevitably mean complicatons. You may be a clan-leader with a lot on the table, you may have events and plots going, you may have a lot reliant on you. The first two is generally true for Tomeran, and I admit I've felt doubts to the prospect of killing Tomeran off if I reach zero points because it would suck, hard. But this is also part of the point. I WANT to keep Tomeran alive, for all of these reasons. It helps make sure I value his life ingame, and dont make stupid things like risk my life for small gains or talk back with a sassy attitude towards a bandit with a gun to my face.

So far, I've managed to keep Tomeran alive for roughly a year using this system. If you think that makes the system lenient, consider this: I've been incredibly lucky at times(airfield incident), but I've also not focused on PvP. I've been focused on PvE and SURVIVAL.

At one point, I had five times the normal survival time of any other contender on the "top survival" list, and I managed to score 7400 zombie kills IN A ROW(in one life) without dying. In the end, Metaphor, a fellow ranger, accidently killed me through friendly fire and ended the survival streak.

This single survival streak added a TREMENDOUS amount of survival points to Tomeran, and its the only reason I've managed to survive with him so far.

My current balance of survival points is 5.

(I may update this later)

It used to be well over 25(I cant recall exactly) at its peak. One day recently I got killed 4 times in one day! I usuaully get killed once or twice per invasion event! And these days I dont play nearly as much as I used to or kill as many zombies as I used to.

So the system can be very risky. This is particurly true for people that end up in PvP fights a lot. They may want to adjust the point gaining values, but they also have the advantage of PvP kills point gain, which PvE-focused players dont have.(PvP players get PvE point gains too)

So yeah, there you have it. This is DEFINETLY not for everyone, but I figured I'd post this in case someone finds this guide helpful, and want to use it. It takes away your characters death away from your choice, but still leaves his long-term survival in your hands. I am hoping at least a few people find that idea interesting.

I'll keep following it myself like a slave, like I have for over a year now, and pray that I manage to keep a positive balance of points. Otherwise Tom will be joining the large ranks of the dead and I have to consider a new character.

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I quite like the sound of this, I might try it out for myself! :D

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The way I do it is, when my character dies, only loses how to do a couple of things, say for example how to give a bloodbag, if Carib was taught how to give a bloodbag and dies, he loses that knowledge and has to learn again.

I like this system way better, as it puts more and more risk to everything.

Time to find out how many points I have...

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Looks crazy. Well, for some reason, I dont want this, but I will try to do it on my own.

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As I'm writing this I'm on top of the leaderboard for Zombie Kills with 4000+, so that gives me 10 points, and I died about 6 times with this character so, I would have 4 left, just counting this. I try to avoid PVP as much as possible because my character believes infected are more of an immediate threat and humans should be spared as much as possible to rebuild some kind of society, so I would'nt get any points for kills and probably never will. I also haven't done anything particularly heroic so I'm not getting points there either. I don't know if I'd keep track but knowing I'm in the positive still tells me I'm doing the right thing.

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This would be to complicated for me to keep track of. I do believe in a waiting timer of say 10 minutes before you can rejoin again. This will reduce NLR violation even though that is up to the person self. The timer is also a solution for full servers.

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I'll be sure to try this out! I very much like the idea of it :)

(Tomeran stop procrastinating by making these threads and reply to my pm! xD)

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Carib has three points. D:

Due to Chernarus 20 Years later I won't kill him though, when it comes to it, I'll have a detailed RP explanation as to what happens to him.

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This is way complicated, but I may try it.

Alexi has only stayed alive because I've been playing on Blake Reeves the entire time. Im sure if I played on Alexi, he'd be dead by now.

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Guest John Le Bear

Personally I still prefer playing with perma death characters, this looks way too complicated to receive any enjoyment from playing.

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