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Ghost of Levi

The story of Sgt Niels.

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(OOC: unfortunitly I will be inactive for 5 days so there will be no storys during that time)

This is the story of Niels Klein a former medical sergeant of the 11th air mobile battalion, C company.

The militairy

JULY 27th 2012 22.42 Audiolog #1

"This morning we were suppose to leave. We were going to go to Germany and train near Recker Moor for the following weeks. However the battalion commander had a different plan I suppose. The lieutenant, Marcus, The captain Gregory and I were being removed from the training, a small group of radiomen and intelligence officers entered the briefing room untill that moment I didnt really knew what was going on I don't exactly watch the news or anything." A second voice is heard on the recording." AT LEAST I DO! Shut up Dave! I'm recording an audiolog , Christ. Anyhow there are large scaled riots and some odd disease in a town named Zelenogorsk somewhere in some old soviet sate. I think... I'm not good at geography never have been.

Tomorrow The lieutenant, the captain , the group of intel and radiomen and me are going to be shipped to an American base on an island named Utes south of the "Infected" zone, they act like there are zombies or something maybe I'm in an movie that would be cool, well I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Medical Sgt Klein 11thAMB C company 3rd Ptn signing off."

JULY 28th 2012 14.02 Audiolog #2

"A plane dopped us off at Utes it was closer than I expected. The Staff instantly started to build a comunications net to contact the Generals back home, I set up a medical tent, I still don't really know why I'm here I could have been jumping out of planes right now why did they HAVE to pick me. What do they need a medic for anyway don't they need doctors instead or something? whatever I'm going to get drunk and swimm the rest of the day.

Medical Sgt Klein 11thAMB C company 3rd Ptn signing off."

JULY 28th 2012 18.07 Audiolog #2

"Hey! yoUrE My nEEWw.... BeST FreUnD... I think you've had enough, Put that record...(static)" transmission cuts off.

JULY 30th 2012 08.33 Audiolog #3

"Yesterday I did nothing, I was to hungover.

However this morning and yesterday alot of airplanes cas and para flew over. A nato plane landed and a group of WHO doctors came out with 5 bodybags when I tryed to check what was going on they told me I should not come near the end of the runway where now alot of men in hazmat suits were walking, what the hell is going on up there.

Also there has been an increse in US marines on the island I'm going to watch the news tonight, for the first time in a while. Maybe I'll find out whats going on.

Medical Sgt Klein 11thAMB C company 3rd Ptn signing off."

JULY 31th 2012 15.38 Audiolog #4

"Damn Americans are jamming non militairy frequencies I couldnt watch the news last night, the radiocrew is also being influenced by this half of the transmissions are being blocked, whats going on that we aren't allowed to know? I managed to get on the internet, but same story jammers , jammers, fucking jammers. the only thing that I managed to find was a half loading page of the newspaper in my town there are some signs of this desease there, what if it really are zombies?... naw dont be stupid. I'm going to keep trying but until than, where did I leave that bottle?

Medical Sgt Klein 11thAMB C company 3rd Ptn signing off."

AUGUST 1ST 2012 15.45 Audiolog #5

"The jamming has lifted but we still have trouble recieving messages over the long range radio the only thing that we recieve is static and most of it sounds like screaming but we arent sure, I stole one of the short wave radios and started listening it was an recieve only radio wich is still bugging me since I heard the following transmission:

Mayday! Mayday! This is Lima Kilo 18 Heavy carrying critical supplies and the 501st on a vital mission! we have taken critical damage to engine 1 and are going down at 081 062. I repeat we are going down at 081 062.

I checked up the coords and send them to our CO but I cant do much more.

Medical Sgt Klein.... ah fuck it."

AUGUST 2nd 2012 13.44 Audiolog #6

"today the first non nato aircraft landed on our island inside there were, I think, 30 or 40 russians they looked extremely injured the remaining US forces on the island quickly quarenteed them, Christ it looked horrible legs mising,faces scrached off, maybe ,maybe there are zombies, oh god."

AUGUST 2nd 2012 17.56 Audiolog #7

"They went black, fuck the first chain in KBB went black, wich means that our largest militairy base has been destroyed, the third chain , R was still broadcasting they were the remains of an mechanised unit they told us that the country fell and that they are retreating to the islands the only place still free of infected.... infected, I cant beleve that only a few days ago I was laughing at the idea of zombies. I guess this is reality huh...."

AUGUST 3rd 2012 14.22 Audiolog #8

"We're getting fewer and fewer radio transmissions every moment, the remaining Marines are freaking out I don't know what to do to calm them down, I guess I cant blame them they have no idea how their family is doing, I don't have that problem, I havn't seen or heard from them since my 17th birthday...."

AUGUST 5th 2012 22.33 Audiolog #9

"1200 272

1300 232

1400 196

1500 156

1600 133

1700 114

1800 93

1900 84

Thats the fact each hour less and less radio transmissions are being broadcasted, I guess this really is the end..."


"GET AWAY FROM ME GET THE FUCK AWAY!" Different voice; "Calm down you dont have to do th(static) (Gunshot)"

AUGUST 7th 2012 18.24 Audiolog #11

"A marine shot himself yesterday the lieutenant tryed to talk him out of it but we all knew it was going to happen.

now there is next to no radio transmissions in the entire 500 KM around us, there are between 3 and 12 radio transmissions an hour and usually the same people. I told the radio operators to stop broadcasting messages since people dont have a way to come here and if they do they will just take to much supplys.

I know a selfish horrible act

selfish, but necessary"

AUGUST 8th 2012 06.66 Audiolog #12

"I lost my baret today, #notdyingofapocalipseproblems I took one of the inteligence officers ones he didn't care, the captain went missing aswell, we've been looking for him but we think we know what happened, I told the remaining ones on the island that we should stick together find and find hope, for we may be one of the only non infected places in the world, I know its plain bullshit but I had to say something."

AUGUST 15th 2012 09.34 Audiolog #13

"The generators are running low on fuel we have little choice but to go to the main land soon I expect the fuel to be completely depleted withing the next month

the captain is still missing,

The total number of militairy personel still alive on the island is 27

the WHO doctors stole one of our helos we have no idea where they went since our radar isnt that great."

AUGUST 16th 2012 04.31 Audiolog #14

"THE TENT THE GOD DAMN WHO TENT! THATS THE ONLY PLACE WE HAVNT LOOKED YET. ( muiltiple footsteps ) ( faint moaning ) AAHH!!! FIRE! ( Extensive amount of gunfire )" ( the rest of the recording contains what you would usually hear in an firefight.

AUGUST 20th 2012 16.24 Audiolog #14

"FALL BACK FALL BACK! ( static) GET TO THE HELICOPTERS THE LIEU(static)ected! GET IN GT IN G" recording cuts.

AUGUST 20th 2012 16.31 Audiolog #15

"( heavy breathing ) We got... off the island.... just Dave, me and a couple of others.... ( sigh ) Utes fell....

We are going to ( loud bang Followed by an extreme wind sound )" recording cuts.

His first days

As Niels wakes up unaware that the helicopter just chrashed and during it he was thrown out of the back and landed in an open field,

miraculously enough he survived with only a few broken ribs. as he got up he noticed That a horde of bloody people were walking towards a black cloud of smoke, realising what happenes he quietly said: "Oh god". He tried running towards the smoke but not even 10 meters further he colapsed.

It was dark, pitchblack when he woke up again. When the

adrenalin started to wear off he had a sharp pain in hes right chest and was coughing up blood, the following hours he didn't move,didn't think and bearly breath. As the sun came up he managed to get up and with the worst pain he had ever felt he managed to walk less than 200 meters into the forest where he found the helicopter in wich he previousely put all his hope in. As he gets in he notices that there is noone in the helicopter exept the pilot whoms face was completely ripped off, but miraculousely he was still alive, he looked over and said to Niels: "Niels buddy, my bones feel like glass and I can't feel my face, pleas, pleas kill me". Niels recognised the voice, it was Dave. Niels looked all over but all he could find was a bag of meds and an hatchet, he got out of the helo and walked upto the side of the cocpit, with tearing eyes he lifted the hatched but instantly dropped it again, the pain in his side was to mutch to hold up the hatchet. He looked into the bag of medicine and found a autoinjector with morphine. As that was taking effect He tried it once more, this time without emotion. as he swung down the hatchet Dave moved out of the wat and stopped it with his hand, wich split in half. Niels didn't realy realise what was happening but he did realise that Dave wasnt Dave anymore, he was screaming and tried to grab Niels who quickly took back the hatchet and with fear in his eyes walked away.

He later colapsed inside of a barn where he remained the next day trying to fix his wounds but with little effect.

The town.

As he lay in the barn hungry, tired , in extreme pain and thirsty he realised the he needed to do something, anything at all or he wouldn't make it. As he got up he noticed some thing as he tried to leave the barn, on the ground there were muiltiple buletholes and ammo cases on the ground, as he looked up he noticed that on the other side of the barn, the side he hasn't been yet there was a familiar bag, as he came closer he realised that it was his backback the one he lost when falling from the helicopter. He opened it, it was empty the only thing still left in it was his reserve uniform, a bottle of water and a sleeping bag.

He opened the bottle of water and drank most of it in one go he left a little bit in it and placed he back in his backpack.

He walked out of the barn and looked around the only thing he could see was forest and some zombies. He went back in side and with extreme effort managed to put his backpack on, he walked outside and followed the road, it didn't take long before he tripped and fell onto the asphalt, he laied still for a moment and when he looked up there was a burned out car, he crawled towards it and opened the trunk of the car, empty. Though empty the car wasn't useless the burned parts of the car looked fresh and again bulet holes in the side of it. He cept on walking and stombeled oppon a town, as he observed it from a distance he noticed that there was a rifle half way own the road, he walked towards the rifle only to realise it was a grave, A rifle sticking into the ground with a baret on top of it the dogtags hanging on the rifle were familiar.

Sgt1. Elena de Groot

11th. AMB. C comp. 3rd Pltn.


10024 DZ

One of the people he came to Utes with He never really knew her but it hurt just as bad to see a comrade fall. Though it effected him mutch he didn't stop for to long, he managed to get into town unnoticed as he enters the frist building he can. He looks out the window the street is filled with zombies and destroyed militairy vehicles, as he keeps observing he notices a tall building, it looked like a hospital but it was at least 5 blocks away and in his current condition he would he happy if he could even move at all. He locked the door and as he did he heard faint gunfire, he slowly walked made his way to the roof only to see an tank and some soldiers getting atacked by a huge group of zombies. Every zombie's attention went to the gunire and they imidiatly moved toward the batteling troops, and no matter how far he was he could see the fear in the eyes of the soldiers.

As horrible as it may sound, he told himself this gives me the oppertunity to make my way to the hospital.

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The hospital

As the zombies were being atracted by the ongoing battle Niels decided that now was as good as it could get, with the energy he had left he grabbed his hatchet and walked onto the street, he still suffered from the extreme pain in his chest but pushed on, most zombies didn't notice him and the once that did were to interested in the gunfire to care about Niels. Niels managed to walk one block and was exhousted.

As he leaned against a wall he sat down on the ground and took a deep breath, wich made his pain even worse and he faintly moaned wich got the attention of a zombie, to focussed on his pain the zombie charges towards him and trys to bite him but bites into the wood of the hatchet.

Niels was freaking out he didn't have the energy nor the strength to push away the zombie. He pushed as hard as he could but couldn't get the zombie off he than pushed with his left arm and lessened with the other wich got him on top of the zombie who is still biting the hatchet.

He grabbed a loose brick on the floor and dropped it onto the zombies head wich split into three pices.

breathing heavily and bearly consiouse he passes out.

He wakes up, its dark, there is no power and the streetlights are off

the gunfire ceased and there street has almost no zimbies in it.

He takes a moment to realise that he is still alive and uses his hatchet as an support while he trys to cross the street.

he managed to get inside a house, he walked into the kitchen wich looked untoutched like any normal day, there were knives on the shelves, he grabbed one and put it in his holster. He looked around some more in he kitchen and opened a cabinet, inside there was some cornflakes and some orange juice, the orange juice was spoiled and tasted horrible but he drank it anyway, didn;t have anything to drink since he left the barn. After hes done he walks into the living room and lies down on the coutch where he falls asleep.

As he wakes up he checks the entire house it takes a while but he finds some painkillers and a makarov with 2 mags.

He sits down and takes the painkillers, as they start to work he gets nousiated from the spoiled orange juice he drank. He walks out of the house and walks like a drunk man towards the hospital I passes 2 more blocks until he trows up and falls down again.

After some time he finds energy to get up and keeps moving, it takes him 5 hours to get to the same block the hospital is on. He enters it with a gun in one hand and leaning on his hatchet in his right hand.

He looks at the signs but they are mostly in russian and he cant read them however there are boxes all over the hospital, mostly empty but some containing medical supplies, Bandages , morphine, Epinephrine and all sorts of equipment wich he usually carries with him but the strange part of it is that its all militairy equipment and supplies nothing that you would find in an civilian hospital. he takes in some morphine and goes to the roof as he walks onto the roof he sees a fireplace and some empty cans of beans, he manages to get enough out of the cans to give him a decent meal, at least better than anything prior to that point.

Unpacks his sleeping bag and locks the roof door, as he lies down he quickly falls asleep.

The barn

2 Weeks has passed since he went to the hospital since than he has been laying low in the same barn as before he has boarded it up and now sleeps there and lives there, he doesn't come out often though when he does he only goes out to find food and ammo.

He's saving up for the winter and so far he has done well, the windows are boarded up and isolated with sheep fur and he found a chain lock for the door.

He alsom found a mosin nagant with a scope, he is a horrible shot and doesn't use it often the next vew months he continues to stay in the barn and survive there winter passes and so does summer.

But his save barn didn;t sta that way for long, 5th of November 2013 he was practecing with his rifle unaware that that atracted a large horde.

he never saw them approach and when he turned around there was a massive horde of over 50 zombies crushing down on the barn he managed to break a window open and jump out but his barn was lost.

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The german from Kosovo

A few days passed and he went from town to town looking for supplies but the strainge thing was that he never came across anyone he had walked for over 5 days since his barn fell.

it now was november 10th and he was in Electrozavodsk. he was quietly making his way trught the streets trying to get to the supermarket to find something to drink, when he approached the market he heard voices inside at first he was happy to hear anyone at all but that soon turned to fear, he was unsure if he could still trust anyone, people chainge he mumbled to himself. He didn't hear what they were saying but noticed that one of the men was wearing a German uniform.

The man didnt look to well his uniform was ripped and he looked like he had lost alot of blood, as the other person walked away Niels walked to the Uniformed man who looked a bit confused as Niels approached.

At first not much of a conversation arose they were staring at eachoter oddly, Niels went inside and grabbed a couple cans of soda as he walked outside he noticed that the man passed out, when he came to Niels asked him if he needed help, he replied: that would be much apriciated as he faintly smiled.

The smile didn't last long as zombies came to the market, they got up and Niels screamed:"TO THE FIRE STATION!". As they were running the man often tripped and fell down, once they made it to the firestation they made a stand and started fighting off the zombies, they both grabbed their gun and started fireing. That attracted more zombies but after fighting the zombies and running low on ammo they got a break. Niels looked at the man and said:"You don't look to good, do you need something to eat?; If you can make a fire I can cook us some steak". the man replied : "Yes I can make a fire". As Niels cooked the steak and gave the man his share he smiled and thanked Niels.

As they were eating the steak Niels made a serious face and said:"You cant get better on steak we need to get you to a hospital and fix you up".

Yes I know that but in my condition we wont really get far; the man replied.

We still have to try Niels said.

As they got up and walked onto the street they imidiatly got the attention of nearly every zombie in the street "TO THE FOREST!" Niels yelled.

Niels ran trugh the city with the man leaning on his shoulder as they walk up a hill nearing the forest the man trips again and remains still on the ground.

Niels was trying to fight off the zombies with his hatchet but it didnt take long for the man to wake up and start moving again.

as they managed to enter the forest they turned around both with their pistols drawn and one by one shoot the zombies.

So what is your name;Niels asked

Sven the man said.

I'm Niels

Sven looked at niels and said : "do you know where the nearest hospital is?"

I think its in cherno; Niels replied.

Sven nodded; Lets go Niels said.

Sven and Niels walked tugh the forest as; Sven leaning on Nielses shoulder, while walking trugh the forest they came across a rocky hill.

They Struggled while climbing up. While doing so Sven passed out several times but they made it to the top. Both exhousted, Sven grabbed a bite to eat, Niels walked to the edge and said:"Quite the view isnt it?". Sven walked to the edge aswell, Yes ,yes it is he replied.

As they were walking down the hill Niels asked Sven:"So where were you when it started".

Sven -I was on a mission in Kosovo

We were patroling and when we came back half our camp was killed by these things.

Niels looked at him for a moment and said :"Wow thats fucked up, I was way more fortunite. I was stationed on utes as an radio unit we came here a year ago but our helicopter chrashed".

Sven passed out again this time Niels grabbed Sven and carried him when Sven woke up, A bit convused; I'll carry you for now on oke? sven said; I don;t know how to thank you Sven replied.

Maybe some other day Niels mumbled.

Not a minute later Niels put Sven down and wispered: "zombies";

As they started opening fire a much larger horde came towards them.

Niels carries Svan on his shoulder again and starts running, less than a 100 meters away Niels Tells Sven: "GO RUN! CHAINGE YOUR RADIO TO CHANNEL 5 I WILL LEAD THEM AWAY!". As he pushes Sven away He runs in the opesite direction of him and every zombie follows, Every few steps he turns around and fires untill all the zombies fall.

He colapsed near a tree Exhousted and for the next 10 minutes he hears gunfire, familiar gunfire, a gun that Sven uses.

He tries to Walk to the shots but everytime he is where a shot was fired a new one comes from somewhere else. "SVEN" He Shouts repeatedly. Defeated he puts his back against a tree and sits down.

Exhousted he falls asleep. Not knowing what happened to Sven.

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