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Guest TheCursedJester

Benjamin Volkobra - 'Dat new guy

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Guest TheCursedJester

Hey there peeps!

Well, my friends lead me by hand to this site, telling me about the wonders of RP over DayZ, before then hurling me into the ball-pit with the leaving message: Have fun! So I thought I would start somewhere by introducing myself before wandering off!

Heh. Introductions are hard.


Well, first of all I'm British - you'll find that out by the tone of my voice and my dark humor quickly enough - but I'm also a University Student! Thus I naturally play a lot of games because we procrastinate more than we work: A scientific fact that is well proven... don't question it.

Other than friends though what drew me towards this website?

Welllllllll... Roleplay. Bam - An amazing conclusion huh?

I actually did A LOT of roleplay over a little social network called 'Bebo' that was once alive, though after it went down I moved on to see how it unfolds across games, finding out about you guys from my friends and then stalking for the forums for a while ^_^


One of my proposed characters? - Benjamin Volkobra

A mercenary born out of America but who took a Russian name (What A twist!) who is of the most simple tastes; the average Joe who mows your lawn or protects your business owner. Enough to wet the tongue but not enough to be a god-figure who is MAcGyver and Rambo's baby, if you know what I mean.

The other is a Scientist, who is a little sadistic.

Work in progress on converting him to DayZ :]

The End!

I hope to see you guys in-game though.

Sorry for making it such a read ^^;

Long story short: Hi, Im Cursed, I have two characters, lets eat!

Happy hunting.


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Hello there, While you're waiting for your whitelist to be approved, I suggest you take a look at these tutorial to get yourself prepared for the adventure that is DayzRP, Hope to see you ingame.




Welcome to the community - Simiskovich

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