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[SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki - Origins (Recruitment open)

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Group CP


SVR is the official foreign-operations successor to many prior Soviet-era foreign intelligence agencies, ranging from the original 'foreign department' of the Cheka under Vladimir Lenin, to the OGPU and NKVD of the Stalinist era, followed by the First Chief Directorate of the KGB.

Officially, the SVR dates its own beginnings to the founding of the Special Section of the Cheka on 20 December 1920. The head of the Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky, created the Foreign Department (Inostranny Otdel – INO) to improve the collection as well as the dissemination of foreign intelligence. On 6 February 1922, the Foreign Department of the Cheka became part of a renamed organization, the State Political Directorate, or GPU. The Foreign Department was placed in charge of intelligence activities overseas, including collection of important intelligence from foreign countries and the liquidation of defectors, emigres, and other assorted 'enemies of the people'. In 1922, after the creation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) and its merger with the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the RSFSR, foreign intelligence was conducted by the GPU Foreign Department, and between December 1923 and July 1934 by the Foreign Department of Joint State Political Administration or OGPU. In July 1934, the OGPU was reincorporated into the NKVD. In 1954, the NKVD in turn became the KGB, which in 1991 became the SVR. The headquarters of SVR are in the Yasenevo District of Moscow


The emblems used by the NKVD (left) and the KGB (right), the predecessors of the SVR.

Unlike the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the SVR is responsible for intelligence and espionage activities outside the Russian Federation. It works in cooperation with the Russian Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye (GRU, Main Intelligence Directorate), which reportedly deployed six times as many spies in foreign countries as the SVR in 1997. The SVR is also authorized to negotiate anti-terrorist cooperation and intelligence-sharing arrangements with foreign intelligence agencies, and provides analysis and dissemination of intelligence to the Russian president.

In the years to come, the world would fall apart and only 1% of the Russian population will survive until present day. SVR has moved their headquarters into the Kremlin, which has become a restricted area for all Russian citizens. Within the isolated safe zone beneath the Kremlin, there is a populated place between the cold concrete walls. If these walls could talk, they would only speak of the horrors the men, woman and children have witnessed above the ground. Moskow is only a ghost of its former self.


Within this safe zone there are politicians, the military or what's left of it, scientists with a hi-tech laboratory to conduct research, a medical center and staff, and everything they all need to survive from day to day. The military infrastructure is only partially intact, most divisions and groups have been scratched from the list because they have been wiped out trying to fight the infected. What was left of them has been stationed into one of the many other facilities within the safe zone underground in the Kremlin.

One of the remaining divisions still intact is the SVR. Together with whats left of the Spetznas GRU operatives, they try to harness what intel they can on the virus. They go on what you could call suicide missions in order to retrieve precious samples for the scientists to examine with the final goal to ultimately find a cure. While they get instructed down below, by their superiors, the rest of the people can only hope that one day they can return to the surface without the fear of being eaten alive.

In order to have even a glimpse of hope to fight back the virus and restore humanity to what it once was before, the heart of Russia's military network has been kept safe deep inside the bunkers under the Kremlin, which itself has been barred by a 2 mile safety zone. All who trespass will be shot and killed, because what's left of the Russian govnerment is not taking chances that someone who carries the virus might enter the Kremlin area. If the virus would find it's way through the hundreds feet of sand and concrete, then it would truly mean the end of Russia and all it stands for.


Chernarus. The land of the beginning of the end. The land where patient Zero started the wipe out of the entire human race. Somewhere deep inside this country must lie the truth of and the cure for the virus. And so the Kremlin had planned the most important mission by far in the history of the Russian empire. It was supposed to be an easy mission without any complications. If only the pilot of the Mi-17 transport helicopter had not took a sip from the infected water. But who are we to blame, according to the reports they did not had a drink for days in a row during their search for the scientist who was so close to find a cure. This scientist was called Doctor Junhad Habib, it all began with him. The Chernarus crisis of S-GRU trapped in Chernarus, the involvement of SVR and the active research for a cure, it all began with the operation to save Dr. Habib and bring him to the safe laboratories under the Kremlin.


Junhad Habib

When the Spetznas GRU (S-GRU) Company 47 first came to Chernarus, they have been informed about the whereabouts and purpose of their mission to find and bring Dr. Habib to Moskow. Dr. Habib was supposedly hiding in a town called Vybor, which was close to the military airport of Chernarus. S-GRU came to Vybor in an Mi-17 helicopter and quickly found their way to the hiding place of Dr.Habib. He was then kidnapped and taken away from his family in order to serve a greater purpose in Moskow. The Mi-17 then flew to the eastern airfield near the Chernarussian sea where an airplane was waiting to extract them all and fly back to Russia.

Moments after departure the airplane, containing 12 S-GRU soldiers, Dr. Habib and 2 Russian pilots, one of the pilots began to show signs of the virus: He had been infected. The airplane quickly started descending after the infected pilot started tearing the flesh out of his co-pilot his face. The airplane crashed in the water near the coast of Chernarus and some S-GRU members had died. Dr. Habib was still alive and they all made their way to the mainland of Chernarus.

After radio-contact with Moskow and regrouping their purpose was redefined. Dr. Habib suddenly was not important anymore. It almost seemed like a plot where the S-GRU soldiers were only sent to Chernarus to see what kind of effect the virus could have on them. Either way, they received new mission orders from deep beneath the Kremlin. S-GRU law was now in effect in Chernarus and they had to make sure everyone will hold to it. There were a lot of survivalist groups out there that made the life of S-GRU a living hell some days. During these fights, some men from S-GRU died, but that only made the rest of them stronger. After 7 months of fighting S-GRU Company 47 had taken too much casualties and they were forced to conscript former Russian soldiers from the Second Independent Spetsnaz Brigade (2ISB). They were able to continue enforcing S-GRU law and special missions assigned by the highest military units in the Kremlin. Until that point, S-GRU and 2ISB were the only Russian groups fighting in the name of Russia in order to enforce S-GRU law. It is said that this was done to stabilize the land for future purposes. Soon, however, a third Russian group would join their cause in Chernarus.


S-GRU Company 47 (left) and the 2nd Independent Spetsnaz Bridage (right)

After seven months of fighting rebel groups and enforcing S-GRU law in Chernarus, the S-GRU and 2ISB received a radio transmission. A cure was apparently being developed in Primorsk. Dr. Habib, who was still alive and well within the small group of S-GRU who survived until now, was needed in Primorsk because of his past work on the virus. With his help the cure would surely be within reach for mankind. And so, S-GRU and 2ISB left Chernarus in order to finally extract and bring Dr. Habib to Primorsk and protect the laboratory center where they were working on a cure.

It became abundantly clear that with the departure of Company 47, terrorists and other rebels and militia survivor groups went unchecked and started terrorizing what was left of the citizens and survivors in Chernarus. To make matters worse, it was reported by agents that casualties by misuse of military grade weapons was sky high. Apparently, citizens have been using these weapons they find on dead soldiers and in armories of the military, but malfunction of misuse of these weapons have been the source for a lot of casualties within the own ranks of survivor groups. It has been reported that even children have died due to ammunition in weapons jamming and blowing hot metal straight in their faces. There was a need to intervene and these facts quickly reached Moskow where they decided to send the SVR. Yes, the Foreign Intelligence Service was ordered to go to Chernarus and restore order from the chaos that had emerged ever since S-GRU and 2ISB left.


Seal of the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki

At first Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki’s job was simple. Provide intelligence about the current situation in the post-soviet Country. It became clear quite fast that the steps taken weren't going fast enough and their objectives quickly changed from covert assassinations and intelligence gathering to a display of military force. Aggressiveness was needed, iron fist a requirement, ruthlessness was just no longer optional. Directive 4.7 was in effect. With the Directive in place, SVR did their best to follow up to Moskow's orders and remove the presence of the rebel and militia groups who were terrorizing the citizens and other survivors who were left in Chernarus.


Eventually there came a point where an unstoppable force met an immovable object. SVR came across a group that was hell bent on staying true to their cause and whom didn’t care about the enemies they made along the way. Reinforcements were needed and they were provided. The Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del (MVD) was sent to Chernarus. They initially came to Chernarus to help with evacuations while trying to fight back the horde of infected. Upon their arrival they only saw a small amount of un-infected and new orders were soon made. The orders were simple. Assist Allied Russian forces and maintain a controlled and safe environment for the civilian population, a friendlier way of saying that the Directive was being upheld. With their combined forces they started to accomplish what SVR previously could not. S-GRU law started spread more effectively than ever before. It wasn’t to last. MVD got pulled back and SVR slipped back into the shadow, abiding their time. With new and old groups popping up everywhere, Civilians carrying around military grade weapons being a danger to themselves and other survivors, and the zombie horde growing in numbers every single day, SVR’s return is imminent.


The Kremlin has given SVR several orders to accomplish for the glorious motherland. Reasons for these objectives, or orders, may vary a lot between each other. The Kremlin military headquarters have given these orders with various goals in mind. Of course, the number one priority will be to bring back Russia to its former state and become the heroes of mankind when they would finally find a cure. The orders that SVR has received will be explained and carried out in the shape of directives. All the directives that are being actively carried out by the SVR units in Chernarus are as following:

Directive 2.6: Gather intelligence on the Council and its involvement with the virus. Try to capture a Council operative alive and question him/her about this secret organization and its connection with patient zero.

Directive 4.3: Stabilize the country from rebels, bandits, anyone who thinks they are the law themselves. Eliminate the presence of anyone who threatens the safety of survivors in Chernarus. Examples are bandits, murderers, infected, undead, rebels, militia, drug traffickers, and illegal weapon dealers. Take them captive and follow the protocol.

Directive 4.5: Gather resources that could strengthen the Kremlin's defenses against the undead and infected. This includes high military grade weapons, armored vehicles, military vehicles, sandbags, wire fences and so on. Dead drops will take place coordinated with the Russian military in order to transport the resources to Russia.

Directive 4.7: Confiscate military weapons being used by survivors who misuse them to harm others or who possess a danger to themselves and others by lacking knowledge of handling the weapon. When the survivors react friendly and with compliance, instructions may be given on how to use this weapon properly and send them on their way when their weapon is functioning and has been maintained. Otherwise, SVR may choose to follow up with a different directive.

Additionally, by replacing high tier weaponry from innocent survivors they are less likely to be approached by hostile groups. By doing this we reduce the effectiveness of these groups whilst other survivors still have a chance to defend themselves from the infected.

Directive 4.9: When weapons show signs of jamming or lack of cleaning, they will be confiscated, disassembled and sent to certain dead drops located in Chernarus. Russian forces will extract these dead drops and the weapons will be cleaned for future use. Once these weapons are ready to be used again without any danger of harming oneself or another by malfunctioning, the weapons will be placed at a dead drop in Chernarus again. SVR operatives will assemble the weapons and bring them to the CTC (Chernarus Trading Coalition) for distribution among survivors.

Directive 5.1: Certain military areas will be restricted for survivors in Chernarus. This is because high grade military weapons are still stored within these areas. In order to keep the weapons safe from the hands of rebels, bandits, terrorists or other groups who could potentially harm survivors, everyone will be escorted away from the military area and brought to safety.

Non-compliance to any of the directives and the orders given by SVR will result in a less friendly approach by SVR to the involved survivors.

Below you can see the weapons that are currently allowed.



After confiscating the high grade weaponry from survivors according to directive 4.7 and/or 4.9, they are being instructed in how to use hunting rifles to succesfully take out any threats. In the meantime, directive 4.3 is being carried out as they are using real targets, consisting of rebels and murders captured by SVR, to practice their weapons on.



Wunski Davikov

Boris Mistovsky



Alexander Kazapov

Anton Proskurkin

Alexei Rostov

Dima Mikhailov




Mládshiy Serzhánt

Viktor Ivanov



Paula Hamilton (trainee)

Rick Mazreous(trainee)

Artyom Slavsky



Dr. Stefan Ahkovich

Ikita Tunguska

Alexander Bortnik

Igor Kraztov

Matej Weber










Imperial Dragōns













At war


So you think you have what it takes?

Send a PM to Wunsleh AND Misty with the following details:

You have to be whitelisted and in game for at least five months before we can consider your application.

-Why do you want to join the mighty SVR?

-What is your timezone?

-How old are you? (17+)

-What can you give that will benefit SVR(both in RP and PVP)?

-Tell us something about yourself

-(S-GRU/SVR lore) Where was Dr. Habib hiding?

-During a firefight what is the first thing you say when you spot one of the opposition?

-During an interrogation a firefight erupts, what is the first thing you do (both to your hostages and teammates)?

-How is your activity?

-Are you able to buy the clanskin (Spetsnaz Commander)?

-Previous clans?

-Overall Dayz experience?

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Guest Biiddy

HYPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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The time has finally come!

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wow.. SVR weren't communist, yet you hold the hammer and sickle?

How OG members are you? Misty and Wunsleh.. who else?

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Guest Stary Strangler

S-GRU logo?

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Guest Kilgore

Wow, remaking this again. Why don't you let it die with the respect it had.

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Will not be the same, just wannabe SVR with a phew old members.

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Guest Hyperfury

SVR returns, I like the page very different :)

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Can't wait! #SVR4Lyfe

You were not SVR.

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