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Guest Weissman

Hoping I can play with you all

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Guest Weissman

Hi everyone, new member here hailing from the SW US. I've been playing on public servers (yech) and dealing with the challenges that come along with that. I found your place through a google search and became intrigued after a bit of reading. It seems this is the kind of DayZ experience I've been hoping to find.

I'm a 39ish year old gamer who enjoys stuff about zombies, stuff about guns, spaceships, hyper-complicated solutions to simple problems, inappropriate laughter, beer and navel gazing.

Anyway, I'm working on some back story for a potential character and will apply for my Whitelist later today. (Speaking of, is there any generally accepted lore to draw from?)

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Welcome! This is definitely a change of pace from the regular DayZ experience but still as unpredictable and so much more engrossing.

You will find plenty of all of that here in this community and in-game. You will fit right in.

Also there is a lore written by one of the staff members that has been approved to be official and can be found HERE. It will definitely help to build a timeline around your character.

Good luck with your application!

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