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One thing I dislike is the fact that clans RP is judged based on their Clan specific roleplay. I feel it is time for the players roleplay capabilities to shine. I don't want people to roleplay their clan RP. But instead roleplay the robbery itself!

So I have this idea in my head that I want to share with you all and see what you think about it. Granted I will likely try it out anyway but the feedback of the RP will be nice, as well as new ideas added for the future!

Now this is what I want to call RP Robberies. If someone thinks of a better name in the future we can change it. This is something that will require a lot of restraint and cooperation from the captives of the scenario.

As this will be a long post I will split things up so its a bit easier to read.

Please be ready for spelling errors as it is really late for me.


What is it!?

An RP Robbery will start when someone says, "EVERYONE LISTEN UP! THIS IS AN //RP\\ ROBBERY." Either said in direct voice chat or also in text chat. Likely though in my own opinion you should do both incase people are talking and may not of heard the RP part of it.

Now once that is said and understood is when the cooperation starts to come in.

The Roll Of A Captive!

Now what I hope to see is that captives might go on their TS and say, "Guys, there is an RP robbery going on at so and so place. Please refrain for shooting gunman on sight." This alone would make the RP last a very long time and enjoyable.

Now I understand some people have the player characteristics of being rebellious and not cooperative and I fully expect and am aware that some people will resist and not comply. Granted I still ask that if you consider this a good idea, that you give it a try at first to see if you enjoy it.

Now when you are a captive you will be given instructions. Say if I am doing the initiation and the roleplay as the robber I would say maybe, drop your weapons and radios. (Talking as if in FMC) I would then tell you to move into the log cabin, infront of the windows, facing outside.

After which the robbers may check the equipment on the ground and move about probably with weapons or without to look as if they are hostages, I don't know.

Now be aware! I will be saying - "If you don't comply other hostages will be killed, or if any of my friends are shot at hostages will die!" Granted I am well aware you are not allowed to kill hostages if they are complying. But please understand that if I specifically say that it is an "RP" robbery then my goal is not your weapons or your gear but the actual roleplay.

We might likely say before you drop your radio, "Tell people on your radio that if any shots are fired towards the camp we will start executing hostages!"

Also be aware there will be times when a single person might be released. Say if some of the captives were getting hungry and required food and drinks. One captive might be sent out with a backpack to gather supplies then re'enter so the captives can eat and drink together.


Now as the form of a rescuer. I understand how it would be to put your life on the line, but if I have worked out this RP and initiated telling people that it is an RP robbery, and made it clear, I hope that you will play along at least for a while. I understand and don't expect to always make it out alive, and you will always have your chance to kill us as we escape. But I do feel that if you show restraint that you will enjoy the rescuing roleplay a lot.

I ask that some people take a leap of faith and try to negotiate as well. I understand that a DMR with 9 mags is to much to ask for. But say if I was to ask for a vehicle with a limit of four seats an AK with some ak ammo, food and drinks, medical supplies. But I will try to keep it legit and not say a car full of medical, food, and weapons.

So hopefully if you read this rescuers you can manage to hold yourself back from firing on us so we might be able to RP a bit more instead of the constant firefights.

Another thing as well, is that say a member of blackwatch is captive and the others of blackwatch ID a man as one of the robbers. We could do a hostage exchange which would be very fun in my opinion during a robbery.

Being A Robber!

Now I understand that if this RP Robberies is a hit, people will likely be trying it as well on their own. For the robbers the goal needs to not be gear. Granted gear is always a plus, but your goal should be to have a decent roleplay and a fun time.

Some things that you can do as a robber to ensure this roleplay works is if you play along. Say if you got flanked while you were in over watch and a guy comes up behind you and demands your ID. You ID yourself and he tells you to disarm yourself or you will be shot. You might feel, Oh I can take him, but try to play along and comply. If you are concerned about your gear then don't bring valuable stuff.

Also robbers remember never to kill hostages. It is not okay unless they are resisting in the sense that they are a danger to you and your fellow robbers.

Things To NOTE!

1. If I am a robber I will not be nice to people who talk back or act stupid. I will be shouting and yelling to make the experience more authentic.

2. People will resist. Not everyone will want to do the Roleplay. Which means there will be people that try to stop it. Either if they are a troll, or that is their roleplay.

3. Don't be dumb. Frankly if you go there alone and expect to rob a camp of 20 people and do a decent Robbery then you deserve to be shot. The captives need to feel that they are threatened. That said, captives should never assume its only one person if that is all they see.

4. Try to be cooperative. Not necessarily with your character, but if someone has a gun to your head, you likely would be fearful for your life.

5. Be always ready to change the roleplay at a moments notice. I frankly will make this mistake many times I feel. If you come to the roleplay you should always be ready for people that resist. So have what you want to say in that case ready in your mind ahead of time. Nothing is more dull then hostages having to sit there as people fight around them.

6. Mistakes will happen. Say if you all are against the windows and someone accidentally gets shot from a miss click or a rescuer misses and hits a hostage. Please try to think about the roleplay and if it was fun or not. Don't just look for reasons to get people banned. Try to have a good time.

7. Talk to your robber buddies ahead of time. You need to make sure they are on the ball, and know this is not about gear but the roleplay.

8. There needs to be a leader. As I said nothing is more dull to captives then watching guys run around and loot their gear without any words said. There needs to be a person designated to roleplay constantly.

9. Robbers be aware of trolls. The RP Robberies won't always work. Such as If I die the RP robbery might end and go to a regular firefight. The hostages will be told to keep away from the gear as the rescuers are found and killed.

10. Have Fun. This is not meant to lead to a firefight, though that will likely be the way it always ends. This is not meant for gear or any objects. This is simply meant for a roleplay purpose.

Me Personally!

If I initiate by saying "This is a RP robbery." You will have a lot of leeway with me. I will be my normal self trying to work the robbery, but if you say "I really don't want to lose this gear as I worked hard for it," I would happily say, "Fine go ahead and leave just please try to allow the robbery to continue and not fire on us."

I have no issue with letting people leave, or if they have to go afk, if they want their gear back... it really does not matter. In my own opinion I would not mind if everyone got their gear back after as it is meant to be a very good RP. Granted weapons and such out of a robbery would be nice, but I prefer people to be happy. If that's the first cayote backpack you have ever had, feel free to keep it.

Be aware, I am not everyone else. If someone else is doing the RP they will have their own personality and guidelines in which they do. They may not let anyone keep their gear.


I am asking everyone to try this. I want to see this RP server changed. Right now the RP is low, the robberies consist of drop your gear, then run south. It needs to be more then that, and it can be so much more. But there needs to be cooperation from all parties.

Please leave feedback, let me know how the RP went for you and please give tips or ideas about how you think the robbery could of gone better or things to add for future RP robberies!

Please remember, if you hear (RP) in the initiation to maybe give the robbery a chance. Consider it people. It could change this server.

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-don't complain about bad RP when getting robbed

-don't mouth off at people pointing guns at you

-don't judge an initiation as RP and call it a robbery

-don't start running around unarmed as if that will get you anywhere.

Thanks for this Zip. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this and inform themselves a bit on this topic.

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The hard part is that I will likely be at work a lot more during the day that normally people are on. I hope that this idea will flourish in others and lead to the changing of this server.

One thing to note is that people will try to use this in reports. People doing RP robberies, I suggest that you always fraps the entire robbery. These could last several hours so make sure you have someone in the camp and able to record nearly the entire thing.

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If anyone has any questions, I will either be on tomorrow morning or later in the afternoon. Also anyone who wants ideas for an RP robbery you want to pull, feel free to PM me and ill try to give you some ideas.

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Well ill certainly give this 'RP' robbery thing a shot. It sounds unique and fun for everyone.(Robbers, Hostages, Rescuers alike) The only problem I see with this is the fact that not everyone will see this so when you shout out "ALRIGHT THIS IS AN RP ROBBERY" 70% of the people will have no clue what the hell your on about... :)

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I like the idea, Zip, but the fact that we have to spell everything out and say its an "RP" robbery just makes me sad in general. It should already be given that bandits should RP everything out, not just the standard "drop weps 10 secs". I just hope that the captives and rescuers will put a little faith in you guys and not rambo in immediately.

Question though, when you say that the hostages can opt out of being robbed, is that through ooc means or just ic? If it's IC, it wouldn't make much sense since why would the bandits just let them go freely?

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If this starts happening, I might start playing RP more..

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Thank you Zip :)

While this is great idea, it should actually already be the standard of most robberies and especially hostage situations.

Lets hope people will find this being fun and inspiring more bandits/clans to improve their Roleplay with hostages and/or robberies.

Zip, make sure you get enough hostages to gather all those birds who will fall from trees when you yell ;)

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I dont want to sound like an ass....

But this is how it should have been from the beginning on.....

You should probably remove the things that contain consider not shooting us. Or could make it easier for you.

I played on an island life server with pretty much the same rules as here, and rping means completely complieing in all times. Once i tried to get away rom a hostage situation by distraction a guard and then sneaking away. Resulting in a report for bad rp. Sure this aint gonna happen here, but by considering to let you do what you want without the pressure of might beeing shot, you should consider not taking the freedom of hostage rescuers.

After all im just can say you got it maybe to later. But its better now than never.

Because to be honest, i havent encountered you much. But from what ive heard/seen on videos, youre robberys defenetly needed some improvement.

Thats something i meant when we were on with at lleast trying to rp in a robbery.

So i kinda hope nobody else need to hear some bad ic excuses for shit happening, or better.

Just no shit happening at all.

This is a step in a good direction.

I still was kinda mad at you guys, but everyone deserves chance so.... Here take your chance :)

Would be sad

If sou guys fall back in old ruleplay manners :/

Aaah and onother thing at the end.

If you have something all the time it gets boring and looses its value.

You guys should consider if youre rp robberys should not get boring, not to rp rob everyone you encounter.

Also bandits can help people that dont know who they are, or talk to them.

Robberys out of boredem will and will ever be bad and bad rped.

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I like the idea, Zip, but the fact that we have to spell everything out and say its an "RP" robbery just makes me sad in general. It should already be given that bandits should RP everything out, not just the standard "drop weps 10 secs". I just hope that the captives and rescuers will put a little faith in you guys and not rambo in immediately.

I agree people shouldn't have to say "this is an RP robbery". But robberies should be played out more, ive been robbed at ravens and you comply and such listen to whats happening, you know the drill. Ive been in a hostage rescue operation at the Ravens, we didn't run in all Rambo we walked up to get information and once threatened we took the decision to go in.

in general robberies recently have been terrible, I don't mind being robbed as it adds to the RP experience but when its a quick "drop weapons you have 10 seconds then run south" its terrible, especially if its just for something like a lee enfield.

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Guest whitepointer

Nice guide man, has some really informative information people might be able to improve on.

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I know what you're trying to get across here Zip about wanting people to role play more but I don't think you should ever need to call it an RP robbery, especially in-game. I feel that this thread may have came partly due to our little conversation about role play and banditry in this thread HERE

This is how robberies/hostage situations should already be, role played as much as possible. You shouldn't need to specifically say that this a role play robbery. This is a role play server and this is the priority above all else, to role play everything. Here's a little guide to each party involved.

Bandits: Think one thing before initiating on a camp or a group of people 'Are we going to be able to role play this?'. This is the answer to all questions regarding banditry.

Essentially, is there enough people with you to logistically rob and to also role play simultaneously. I'm not asking for everyone in your group to be this 'big' character in the situation but someone needs to be, to provide an experience for the captives/victims.

Also as a bandit clan try and consider the role play interactions you will have regarding the advancement of your own story. I mentioned this to Zip before about D3 being a secret bunker etc. and the possibility of them needing to question some of the more scientific based clans to ensure the safety of their underground community. Abducting scientists and doctors to try and interrogate them for all the information they have to solve their own characters/clans troubles.

Captives: This goes out to people who are just sitting at camps. You WILL be targeted. You are in a dangerous high traffic location and you are going to get robbed. Forget about your gear and put your life first. Disable the usual DayZ head of collecting gear and just think about self-preservation. If somebody wants their things then so be it but don't give them the satisfaction of taking your life too.

I know being robbed is frustrating when there's only a small amount of role play from the other side but not complying is not the answer. Suddenly disregarding your life because of a lack of role play makes you a hypocrite. The best way to combat bad RP (other than to record and report it) is to give some good role play back and to just let the situation play out first before casting any judgement on the situation. The amount of people I've seen in the middle of a situation simply type in chat //reporting this bad RP is worryingly high. If you're already thinking of reporting then you're not trying to engage in the situation.

People Sent In To Help: Don't go in all guns blazing. You have a role play part to play and that is to make sure that you can get your friends to safety. If there are a few of you, try using one man as an initiator/negotiator to reason with the bandits. Don't just use it as a trigger happy moment to kill the bandits, play your part in the situation and get creative. You wouldn't fire on a camp wildly knowing that your friends have guns pointed at their heads.

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So it's not really an RP robbery, but a set-up OOC robbery?

Everything in RP is more or less OOC in the end.

What this means is that every situation in RP, you need to think (behind your screen) how would your character in-game react to this and that and base your actions on that.

In many Roleplaying communities most of the bigger RP events are set-up beforehand. Think it for being like acting in movies :) Of course those situations will not go by the book all the time, as the situations will evolve etc, but the frames are often set just like this.

Here, we just need to forget that DayZ mentality a bit more and start to enjoy while playing our characters :)

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This is forcing RP and not necessarily making it enjoyable.

I think Zips intentions are right but the way he's put it is a little confusing about having to explain to people that 'this is an RP robbery'. Every robbery should be role played.

Forcing RP? It's a role play server. It's in the name and is integral to what this server is about. If you're not here for role play and maybe don't find it enjoyable then without sounding blunt or offensive, why are you playing on this server?

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I like robbing someone from a hostile clan so I can execute them. In general I always try to put myself in the victim's perspective and try to make it fun for them, even though they lose all their stuff. Thats why it's called a robbery. The RP robberies sound nice too, have fun with it. But.. I'm not doing that, cause I think it's better RP when people can't leave whenever they want. I'm the bandit, I decide what happens.

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I think it's more of forcing a specific RP path for the robbery to follow, rather than actually forcing RPing, we are all here for that, but having to follow a specific outline of "This is an RP robbery, your all free to leave if you don't want to join in" kinda defeats the object of a robbery?

RPing in a robbery should be mandatory, you shouldn't have to tell everyone you want to RP it, also if you are robbing someone you should be prepared to be shot, it's part of the situation you created.

Of course you don't want to force a specific path on role play in general. Please read if you haven't already through the post I made because I feel that it bares more relevance to the point that Zip might be trying to make.

I understand that saying 'whoever doesn't want to role play can leave' is a little conflicting with many of the rules and would cause chaos. Would they technically not have KoS rights if they opt out etc. It would be a mess.

I agree, RP'ing should be mandatory. That's why I try to state above the considerations that the victim and bandits should consider more. I agree that without the risk of being shot, it takes the edge off any hostile situation.

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Where is the RP in saying "listen up this is an RP robbery" when initiating on a clan or group of people?

Like BigLittleShorts said, I don't think its necessary to say "this is an RP robbery". Every robbery should be roleplayed out, considering this is an RP server. The fact of the matter is, with all the loot table changes that are coming about with the new patch, good gear is scarce. Wannabe bandits or such just go with the easy "drop weps 10 secs" instead of fully roleplaying each situation to its potential.

The increase in half-assed robberies has left a negative impression on bandit clans in general. I've heard often enough from many of the community who stigmatize bandits as "bad" roleplayers, simply because of the current state of banditry in general.

There are many bandits out there who aren't "drop weps 10 secs" and I think its important for the community to realize that change requires both parties to work together. Not only should bandits step up their act, but hostages and rescuers alike should strive to improve their RP.

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