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Bahman Awrang - Backstory

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Bahman Awrang Backstory


Bahman Awrang was only young when he left the lands of Takistan. His parents Afareen Awrang & Farzam Awrang got him across the border into Chernarus, were he would live with a close friend of his Fathers. His fathers friend, Hamasa Jawid owned a farm in Prigorodky.


Ever since Bahman was young he wanted to join the al-Takizh. But his Father and Mother wouldn't let there son join a dead cause in there eyes. They knew the older he got the more it would be to stop him joining the Rebel group, so they arranged their own son to be kidnapped and taken across the border at the age of 17. They thought taking him out of the corrupt country of Takistan would make him realise that joining the al-Takizh was a bad idea. They were wrong.


Bahman was now 21 years old. Working at the farm for 4 years and worked endless hours. 5am up, clean the chicken pen, feed the pigs, shear the sheeps wool, harvest the crops then so on... He would finish at 10pm then go sleep to wake up and repeat the same day again. But one day it all changed...


After a longs day work Bahman decided to go with his Dads friend to Chernogorsk, to buy some farm supplies for the morning. Bahman rarely goes into the cities but on occasions he goes if they are getting a lot of supplies. They park the car just outside the Grocery shop to quickly get what they need. As they enter the shop they notice it was empty. No soul to be seen. Hamasa nervously looks outside to see if anyone is around, he then goes onto his phone to see if he has missed any warnings of terrorist attacks. No signal. The power then suddenly cut out through out the town and they were suddenly plunged into darkness.


This is were it all started for Bahman Awrang. They stayed in the supermarket for weeks watching people being killed and and eaten alive on the streets through the windows. Watching other people kill other people. Eventually there was not enough food supplies to stay there for to much longer. They had to make a run for it. They ran for the electrical plant north of Chernarus. As they were sprinting up the woods a huge snapping noise went off. Hamasa had triggered a bear trap his leg was gashed and he was unable to walk. Bahman tried to drag him to safety but there was to many infected coming for them.


Hamasa said his last words to his friends son. 'Whatever happens fight for what you believe in and never give up.' Hamasa grabbed the hunting knife from his pocket and plunged it into his forehead killing himself. Bahman fell to the ground in disbelief. His world had collapsed around him.


Months later Bahman was still alive. He is known to be living in the trees of Chernarus. Waiting for his next victim to arrive in his woods. Each victim would be killed by the same knife that Hamasa killed himself with. He had reached insanity. One dark afternoon he tried to frequent in to a live Radio broadcast that happens during the week telling him information about different groups. He heard that al-Takizh were in the area and recruiting for forces.


He finally found something that he believed in so long ago and made it his mission to find this group and join there ranks...

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