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Back from a long break, any clans/groups looking for someone

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hey guys

ive been away for quite some time, i noticed my previous 'clan' disbanded and i'm looking for a new one to play with. Being alone is boring :(

Preferably english or dutch speaking, know the game throughout and be social;

cheers and best of luck to all, can't wait to play again. I'm downloading the updated client as we speak.

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Guest Diviar

Welcome back! I know quite a few clans are recruiting you just need to check the clan page for them.

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thanks for the immediate responce guys, i'll be sure to check TBSP out by tomorrow!

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Guest Grumby

Give this thread a look if you want to advertise yourself. Fill out the form in the OP and leave a bit about yourself. Clans looking for members will check that thread and if they are interested in you, they will let you know. Best of luck :)

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