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Tension quickly filled the air surrounding the confrontation as the old man found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. The cold air overwhelmed his lungs as he inhaled deeply while he felt his heartbeats almost bursting out of his chest. As he exhaled white smoke filled the air coming from his mouth and nostrils. They firmly pressed the tip of the barrel against the back of his neck in order to force him down on all four. His eyes shut for a moment as he brushed his fingers along the rough surface of the ground.

It almost felt like... home.

Yes he could see his family standing in front of him. He could almost smell the scent of his wife perfume mix with the aroma coming from their garden. They would not speak a word, instead they would just stand there smiling at him. Their expressions filled his heart with joy and for that moment it was not tears of sadness that slowly ran down his cheeks but rather tears of happiness and comfort.

He was going home to be with his family.

The shot echoed through the building as the bullet pierced his neck. Blood instantly began gushing out of his chest after the bullet had made its way through his body. He wanted to scream but his throat was clogged with blood. Only the sound of gurgles left his body as he desperately tried to gasp a last breath of air before the blood would completely fill his lungs. His fists tightened as the strain of his heart became too much for his old body to handle and he plunged to the ground. His tears mixed with the pool of blood that had soiled the ground underneath him.

They wasted no time before searching his body, eager to uncover what loot they have scored from the old man. But there was nothing to be found.

Nothing but an old picture.


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Good readthrough :) Would read again.

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