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Guest Fedor E.

Fedor Emilenko (backstory, Newcomer)

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Guest Fedor E.

Fedor was born near Polana.

Grew up like most other Chernarusians' did, father was a logger and had been his whole life..mother stayed around the house to tend their gardens of wheat and vegetables, he wanted to be just like his dad, he looked up to him very much.

Fedor got older, and began the tree service just like his Father before him. And needless to say did very good at it

He got married, and after 4 years had 3 children, and at 31 years old had steady career as well.

He had a simple, and very furfilling life, Until one day a drunk man driving extremly fast through Polana and hit and killed his family while they were driving through the city.

Fedor was never the same after that day, never talked to anybody, noone ever saw him again. He went to live in the wilderness of Chernarus, he felt alone, and wanted to be just that, he practiced with his rifles and pistols, and hunted and stalked animals for food.

After "The Outbreak", fedor kept to his settlement in the woods, and the rage and chaos kept its distance, but a deep welled urge is pushing Fedor to find a reason for his life again..

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