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Hello there!

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Hello there! (Redundant, I know.)

I wanted to put in a forum post to let everyone know that I'm hoping to become part of your little society of greatness. To give you a little background about my gaming and roleplaying history:

My experience with gaming and roleplaying goes back to UO in 2001. I had just started playing and ended up hooking up with a Tolkien style Elf guild on the Pacific server. From there I formed several more roleplaying centric guilds before moving on to Star Wars Galaxies. I did quite a bit of roleplaying there, bouncing from town to town, playing anything from the classic scoundrel to the jedi in hiding. After SWG came a small roleplaying crew in Earth and Beyond, then WoW, back to UO freeshards that focused heavily on roleplay. The last few years have been a long string of F2P MMOs or betas, seeing what trouble I can stir up there.

I'm hoping to be approved and to start enjoying the server and environment that yall have soon.

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Our little society of greatness, lol.

Welcome to the server and good luck with your application :)

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Hi there!

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