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Guest Abyss

Imran al-Rashid

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Guest Abyss

A simple farmhand, with no remaining family he is in contact with; Imran al-Rashid had no intention of remaining in his country whilst the war raged on in his homeland. He heard of the group al-Takizh several years before the shootings began, and decided to enroll to support their efforts at a young age. Some may say his past is cliche, but with revenge riled up inside him, invoked by the cold-blooded murder of his parents and siblings, he decided to join the most prominent force of which opposed his parents' murderers. Imran adorned the al-Takizh even before having heard of their intentions to leave the country. As the feud between both forces continued, so did Imran's sense of brotherhood among his newly found family; Little did he know, he would lose them to the same pigs he lost his parents and siblings to...

Gunshots cracked past the muffled ears of a heavily clothed rebel fighter, clad in ballistic webbing, equipped with a radio, a revolver with several cartridges and a AIMS-74 which lacked magazines. Interference began crackling over the airwaves, his radio barely managing to forward any information whatsoever despite the word, 'Helicopter', or so it sounded. Several minutes passed as bullets continued flying about him that is until they were drowned out by the beating of a propeller; Dust began parting in a sort of crater as the Huey lowered itself, merely meters away from the ever-thinning ranks of the al-Takizh soldiers. Imran unloaded his chamber into the general direction of the enemy, although it was not clear if any damage was caused due to the billowing dust about them. Frantically darting to the helicopter, Imran experienced a violent rush of adrenaline as he vaulted into the UH-1H, followed by a trio of al-Takizh soldiers, he was hoisted of the ground as the metal behemoth gained altitude, skillfully banking eastward in a low swooping movement, abandoning their dead in the midst of the dying battlefield.

Another series of minutes past as the helicopter sailed over the golden seas below, only the beating of the propellers remained: the gunshots had ceased, and much to Imran's appeasement, three more helicopters flew beside them in a convoy; Eastbound. Little did he know, their destination would be much worse than his homeland, much worse than any battlefield he had ever experienced. Furthermore, remained an unquenchable thirst to take revenge on those who oppose him and the al-Takizh, his brothers.

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