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The truth of my life in Chernarus

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What the FUCK! I thought to myself when I awoke. This can't be happening, people are eating each other. I couldn't help myself, I did want to help, but, I had nothing. So I ran, I ran as hard as my legs would carry me. When I finally started to get tired, I still ran. I didn't stop till I fell over from exhaustion, unconscious.

I awoke in the woods, thirsty and hungry and shaking uncontrollably. I didn't feel too good, my vision was blurring and my head was pounding. What was up with me? I struggled to my feet, and started walking. I need to find water and food is all I can think to myself. The desire to drink and eat drove me on, even though my body was screaming NOOOO!

I walked for what seemed like forever, with my mind playing tricks on me. I thought I heard Helicopters, Cars and Tractors. That however must of been the minds idea of a really bad joke. Surely everybody was dead, or like me near death. There it was again... the Tractor.

Wait, that's not a trick of the mind that really is a tractor. And there on that bridge are people too, live people, I can hear them talking. I stood there watching them for what must of been an eternity. They are armed, do I dare approach and see if they could help me. I mulled this over for some time, till a sharp pain in my head reminded me, I need help. I'm probably dead anyway, what difference does it make how I die.

I stood as best my body would allow, squared my shoulders as much as possible, and started walking towards them. There was 6 of them performing various actions around the tractor. A seventh appeared from behind a hill, the revelation was amazing. Was it an Angel, no it was better than that. They looked like a Doctor, could it truly be I had happened upon my salvation.

Just as the need for food and water had driven me on beyond the limits of my body. The sight of my possible salvation made my body realise just how far past it's limits I had gone. I collapsed, and passed out right there in the middle of the field. I awoke several times for the briefest of moments. I was in a bed, with drips and tubes around me. I heard mention of blood transfusions and dehydration in need for care.

I don't know how long I had been there when I finally awoke. I felt like a new person, whoever these people were they had saved me, and better yet fixed me. I put on some clean clothes left at the bottom of the bed I was in, I could only presume they were for me. And I exited the tin and wood make shift shelter. All I wanted to do was thank everybody I saw, Kiss and hug them.

That wasn't going to happen. The only people in the camp laid cold and lifeless around me. Who could of done such a thing? Why would somebody do such a thing? These people obviously had no malice towards people, if they did they would of left me to die. A few of the bodies looked like they had even been executed, from the way they were huddled. I searched for anything useful, found a Russian rifle, a few magazines and some food with an empty water bottle.

I decided it was time to leave, I don't know how or why I hadn't been included in the slaughter. But I sure as hell wasn't going to hang around to see if anyone came back to finish the job. I know what I'm doing is right, But I can't help but feel I'm in the wrong. I feel so bad it's almost as if I'm the person that committed the atrocity. I know I didn't, but I can't shake the feeling as I creep out of the camp.

Voices, I can hear people talking. I decide to give them a wide birth, but I can't help but overhear them. They seem to be trying to broker some sort of deal for explosives. What! people are being killed by god knows who, for supplies they would of probably given freely. If my experience is anything to go by. And these people are more interested in acquiring bombs, And I'm not one to judge on stereotypes, but a Somali and a Takistani. Both saying they need explosives to help with their causes.

Scurrying like a rat from a large dog I keep going far away from them and the camp. The whole time thinking about what I had just heard. Deep into the woods I go, till I feel like I'm safe. Now I sit and run through the recent events over and over in my head. All that keeps repeating is "I'm not one to judge on stereotypes" again and again. Then it slowly becomes just "judge stereotypes", till finally the revelation. The people that cared for me were killed, Who would of judged them in need of such a punishment. I sure wouldn't.

Maybe that's the problem. In this world the good are seen as easy prey. But the scum of the world are answering to nobody. Well Not any longer. I shall fix them, the Free Medics I think they were called shall never fear me. They shall know they are protected, whether they know it or not. However everybody else should be prepared to answer for their crimes. If you are an innocent trying to get by in this world, you will be safe. However if your a scum sucking parasite that is as far as I'm concerned, wasting oxygen. I shall save oxygen for the rest of US!

Judgement is coming, the good shouldn't have to scurry around in fear. It is the scum that should be doing this. Let this be a warning to you, you're going to pay for your crimes.

Prepare to be JUDGED, Judge Lewis is coming.

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Enjoyed it!

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definitely need to join the judges clan ;)

Great read btw, I don't read many, I usually stop because they're either boring or rubbish, so you should feel privileged ;)

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Guest CDR Steve Blazer

You should check out the Justice Department. They're usually found in the compound to the west of Kamenka, just follow the road and you'll find them. If you start going around with them I'm sure we'll meet somewhere along the line!

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