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Pidde Giordano's backstory

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My airplane came flying in towards the north west airfield, I had come here with a team of engineers to develop new chernorussian military equipment, upon reaching the airfield we were set to meet up with some of the generals in the military to discuss the product, they never showed up.

Time flew by, no sight of anybody, not anybody, we were shocked but stayed calm hoping that they were just late, we were so wrong.

About half an hour later I hear a car, a SUV to be fair pull up, behind it was a horde of very strange looking people, the other engineers ran away but I just stood there, shocked and unknowing about the danger of these people.

The SUV closed in on me, I shaked my head in a slightly relieved manner.

I heard shouts from inside the car, "Get in! Get in!" I heard, it was in a russian accent.

Without hesitation I entered the car and off we where.

Inside of the car was people that called themselves wolfs, I asked them about what all of these men chasing the car was, and why they did so, they laughed.

-Hahahahahah, those are infected, zombies, most of them are westeners like you. They said.

-Infected, zombies? Are you kidding with me, those are only in movies. I said in a rather cocky manner.

One of the men in the car slapped the radio, turning it on in an instant.

On the radio where sad men, sad voices and horrific information, the society as we knew it was over.

The wolfs or as they call themselves, the serye volkie, took care of me and I offered them my help, this made me a wolf, a wolf with an engineering degree and one of the only wolfs that came from the west side of the world.

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