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Priest skin?

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Where is it? I want to share the words of god and see if I get shot, or power to change people. And free food and care.

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Churches, but this is a rare spawn actually.

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Rare spawn in churches, won't be added to exchange. It is unique and should stay that way ;)

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Found it!, stupidly used it and did not meet enough people to RP, and I wanted to do crazy priest so bad. Had to change back from it :<

Met one dude at the airfield, poor bastard fell from the roof.

God have mercy of his clumsy soul.

Anyway I did call forth holy spirit to help me cleanse the airfield, so my shots were true and I survived. Funny thing too that I found 4 holy books on the way to airfield.

The god is telling me to do his work ingame!

Next time then, I am sure I find another costume :D

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