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Phil Mitchell


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World, the time has come to, push the button.

I know this will come as a major shock to the entire community, but as of late the general feeling of DayzRP along with the negative down turn of the community as a whole and not forgetting to mention the recent dismissal of my closest friend Winslow, I shall be stepping down from my position of "Pillar of the community"

I understand many of you are shocked, surprised and upset, but this is a move I've been planning since Winslow's departure.

Farwell and much love, Phil

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Guest Alfie

C'mon Jimmy, please don't leave! :( We still need to get kidnapped by S-GRU on a boat again!

Serious mode activated: It sucks to see you leave, I completely understand why you are leaving, good luck out there, friend. :)

Big up Phil Mitchell!

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Goobdye !

It was nice having you here !

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Wow he must have heard about a REALLY big fight to leave the entire mod just to dodge it.

But really, bye :(

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Good luck in your future endeavours! Why not call it taking a break!

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