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Some of you have known about my twitch channel for a while now, but I don't really throw it out there... I've thrown out some youtube clips of some highlights here and there that crack me up or show some of the good times we have here on DayZRP, but I figured since a lot of people have been posting their channels and streams, that I would post mine...

I have just recently got into streaming... its something I have always wished I could do, but I never really had a solid enough ISP to handle it... I recently moved into a more "civilized" area and am currently on hardline fiberoptics straight to my home, so I figured I would take advantage of this amazing service and start my streaming ventures...

I mostly stream our daily adventures on DayZRP... "our" as in the hobo nation known as the lost and found and the grand adventures of Hobo King Willy Pete...

I do play other games besides DayZ... it tends to be quite random... anything from Shogun 2 to War of the Vikings to Red Orchestra...

I've been gaming since I can remember.... my earliest memories were of when I was roughly 2-3 years old watching my older brother play the legend of zelda on NES in our living room when it had first come out... I couldn't read a damn thing on the screen, but I couldn't stop watching.

Needless to say that love developed over the years and I got into online gaming around the age of 10... I played on the MSN Gaming Zone on Rainbowsix and Roguespear on my sweetass dialup connection and won a few tournaments but was always too young to claim the prize (once I was caught)...

My origins are in PC gaming, but i'm just as big into console... it doesn't matter... if its a good game, i love it... you wont catch me in the fanboi forums for any particular company... games are games and im here to enjoy them.

I would have to say my favorite game of all time is Ogre Battle64.

I'll leave it at that ;)


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Well all... I don't usually like to advertise when im about to go live, as I do not want to really gain followers by whoring; but I will be streaming tonight for a good while since it is my friday.. I've been working on a simple non-flashy intro and a few other things to add to the stream... I still like to keep it simple, however...

Im by no means a professional streamer/YouTuber and I merely attempt to capture good RP moments in DayZRP and showcasing the unique RP that is the Hobo Nation, featuring Willy Whiskey Pete or one of my other hobo characters such as Two-can Sam.

I stream at random times, but I will try to form a schedule eventually if I notice a pattern to my playing... I do not, however, want to make streaming a job or something so don't expect a whole lot...

What you can expect is laughs and a best effort on our part to show you all some quality RP on the server.


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