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Story of the Immune One.

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Siorre looked through his binoculars. The Cherna-Russian President was in bed with his wife sleeping. Siorre looked back to his squadron. They are an elite group of Australian Ex-spies who are now Mercenaries for their government. They were sent here to assassinate the corrupt president. He whispered into the com, "Okay men, this is it. We will finally kill him and get out of this hellhole and go back to beautiful Australia!" His men chuckled under their breath. He motioned for them to climb into the window. They snuck into house and waited in darkness. Kyle whispered over the Comm, "Sir, why don't we kill him now?" Siorre replied, "Because I want the Cherna-russians to see how scary spies can be." They waited for thirty minutes, the president woke up and got up to use the restroom. He looked tired and worn down. Siorre came out of the darkness with his skull ski mask on. "Hello there President!" The president turned around to only get a surprise. Siorre smiled evily as the knife went deeper into the presidents chest. He fell over dead and bloody. The wife woke up and screamed and ran out of the room. "Get her later." As Siorre turned around, he heard a gurgling sound. The squad came out of the shadows and looked at the president. His body was twitching and having spasms. His skinned turned pale. The body stood up still twitching and turned toward Kyle. He screamed and Bit Kyle in the throat. Kyle screamed in pain and fell backwards with body still gnawing on him. Dillan yelled, "This is like one of those zombie movies... Oh shit, I think I am right. We gotta run!" Siorre called his remaining teammates and they jumped out the window. They ran far from Chernogorsk and camped in the woods and talked about what happened. Siorre looked back at Kyle's dead body being chewed on and wondered if Kyle would become infected too.

End of part 1.

//This will be a 7 part series where the end is sad. Hope ya'll enjoyed. Part 2 coming soon.

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