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New Vegas Lore-Friendly Companion mod

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I've made my own companion.

I took my RP characters idea and shoved it into the fallout lore with voice and all.


if any ones interested i wouldnt mind making them their own RP lore friendly companion mod.

Nothing fancy like desmond or niner with their fancy clothes and quests out the yingyang

its beta atm as far as quests and more dialogue and info go.

I hope you guys enjoy. I'll be playing dayzRP alot this weekend see you soon :)

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Gonna check it out when i play NV for the third time ^^

Only tried the Willow Mod when it comes to companions.

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It's nice to see a companion mod that isn't a busty 16 year old girl for once. Seems like most modders only appreciate eye candy.

When I inevitably re-play New Vegas for the umpteenth time, I'll give this a try.

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thanks guys. I've worked abit on him and a few of the lines arent that greatly acted and is kinda no good in my own opinion and want to go back and rework them, but before any of that i want to build more on his quests and background. I can honestly say I havent had this much fun working on something in awhile. :)

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