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SAMP Roleplay server

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I will not disclose the name or IP of this server in question but will show you this


me and blizzard were on a roleplay server the other night. I was killed in Grove Street and called for EMS. she roleplayed the entire scene with me in the middle of Grove Street.

Strechers (roleplayed was not in game)

Medical equipment (roleplayed was not in game)

S or F

Medical treatments

Surgery(limited but the person said it was the "short" version)

Roleplay stuff like that.

I just wanted to share a piece of fun roleplay i had the other night.

See you guys in the undead wastelands soon. :)

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Guest Alpha

Oh damn now you got me curious

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it was kind of a derpy part because SAMP kept booting me for being in-active as it cant tell if your typing or not and we kept loling at having to start back where we left off in the RP session lol

Idk how advertising OTHER game Roleplay servers goes, so i wont tempt any ban hammers lol.

and for the record this was probably the first person out of 40 others that roleplayed indepth like that. there could of been others but alot of these RP server are open to the public so a lot of RDMers get on and can ruin the fun quiet fast. didnt stop us though. lol

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