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Joshua Norton

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As i go in-game by the name Joshua Norton(spelled in the english way, even with his backround story showing a different origin), i will put a shot description of his backround story here.

Well, have fun reading, it is not really overlooked, i just wrote it down in the last two hours directly out of my mind so don't expect a Finnegans Wake or a Ulysses, all right? ;)


Name: Joshua Norton

Country: Germany(sadly)

Age:something around 25

Interests:Discordianism, Anarchism

Joshua Norton was born and raised in a small town in the eastern part of germany and got bored of the landscape and the people really quick after he turned 14.

His family was a almost typically well situated middle-class one of the society with everything what that means, like a own house, two cars, a pool and such luxury "needings".

He, whatsoever, found out really quick that this wasn't the life he wanted to live, so he left the house of his parents when a few weeks after his 16. brithday.

Since then he lived at the places of friends or together with them in flats they squatted and got in a more tense contact with the idea of anarchism.

They dumpstered there food from the supermarkets around them and went to demonstrations as well as to punk-concerts in the city.

After some years, Joshua decided to turn his back on germany because of its moral degenerated society and hired up on a small trading ship from eastern europe.

He worked there for a half year when his ship, the balalaika, arrived at the chernogorsk habor to deliver some goods.

This was 3 days before the outbrake of the virus wich contaminated whole chernarus in a short time.

His ship wanted to stay only for a short time, "Two days i will stay in that shithole of city, not more!" as captain Alexandrejowitsch announced it to the crew when they arrived in chernogorsk.

Eventually they managed to convince him to have at least a few hours to go on land and since they finished their work really quick, captain Alexandrejowitsch was in a good mood.

Due to a broken enginge how ever, they had to stay longer and the ship was forced to stay two days longer.

This actually killed them all.

On the same days as the news arrived in the habor that strange things happening in the north of chernarus, armed military personel in biohazard-clothings, one officer and about ten soldiers, showed up at the ship and wanted to speak to the captain in privat.

He showed the officer to follow him to his cabin and while he did so, followed by two armed men, the other soldiers took position on the pier.

As did others on other ships in the habor.

The crew, curious what all that was about, sneeked to the windows of the captains cabin and listened to the conversation.

They managed to hear some pieces of sentences and words like "...under quarantine until further notice..." and "...don't leave the ship, the guards have the order to fire...".

After the captain and the officer finished, the officer left the cabin and the ship quickly, leaving captain Alexandrojewitsch back in his cabin, strike down by the worst news he ever expierenced.

He was about to open a very expensive bottle of vodka, wich he bought back sankt petersburg when they where there, as his crew entered.

"Sit down, men!" he ordered them but not with his harsh tone of an old and wise men, wich they got used to over the time, more with the voice of a broken men who lost all hope to see his loved ones again.

He then told them the story the officer told him, that all of chernarus where getting closed down, turned into a quarantine zone and no one is to leave the country anymore.

He also told that everyone who is trying to pass the border will be shot without a warning, the same for planes and ships trying to leave chernarus.

Hell, that even the guards of the habor were having the order to shoot them, should they try to leave the ship and that they were not allowed to show up on the deck.

After this, they were all disturbed by the news and even more since no one heared anything of how long this situation would last.

Back then they didn't know. They didn't know it would only getting worse.

In the evening of the second day of the quarantine, they heared some explosions, coming from the international hotel in the middle of chernogorsk.

As they where curious about the situation, they risked a look and got outside on the deck.

It was by then one of them discovered that the guards were gone and they decided to not leave the ship instead try to getting the engine running again to leave the place.

They started to work and Joshua was ordered to get to the radio to try to catch everything of interest.

He did. And he wished he never would have heard it.

It was a broadcast of the government, claiming that there is a lethal, fast spreading virus in chernarus and that the infected people are acting like dogs infected with raving madness.

It also sayed that they should avoid under every cost to get bitten or touched by one of the infected humans.

The speaker of the broadcast was telling in the end that lethal force will be used to everyone who is trying to leave the country, just as Alexandrojewitsch was telling.

Joshua went to the others, to telling them about the broadcast and they sit together to decide what to do next and to listen to what Joshua told about the broadcast...except for the captain wich has locked himself in his cabin since the officer left.

After Joshua finished, they heared a moaning in the door and turned in the direction just to see captain Alexandrojewitsch standing there, leaning on the door and loosing all faith he will ever get out there alive and back to his family.

He turned around and went back to his cabin, leaving his crew paralyzed over there surpisingly reaction of there captain.

One of the, his name was Pavel, decided to went after the captain to convince him to help them.

Just after he stood up from his chair, they heared small explosion, coming from the captain's cabin and after it, a the muffled sound of something heaving falling on the ground.

Everyone knew instantly that the captain had just shot himself to death and they remain still for, what felt like five minutes.

After they decided to rest their captain in the old maritime way, they trew his body into the cold, dark water of the habor.

They then released the ramp to the pier and begun the preparations for the ship to leaving.

Two hours later, they were almost finished with repairing, a person showed

up on the pier, asking for help from afar.

While he came closer, they realised he carried a small girl in his arms, not older then seven or eight which seems to be sleeping.

He said his name was Ilja and that he had a family member right down south on the coast, after the border.

It was their idea to travel in that direction since the bigger cities of chernarus are the coast up north-east and to have a person who knows the coast would be an advantage as they would have to stick close to the coastline so the navy ships would spot them.

So they decided to take him and his daughter, her name was Alina, on board.

Ilja was very helpful indeed and together they managed to fix up the engine finally in a half hour, while Alina was sleeping in a cabin, exhausted from the recent events as it seems.

When they were leaving the habor of chernarus and the lights of the city getting smaller, they were all happy that they managed it and would be home soon.

At least they thought so.

Ilja didn't told the whole true and soon after they discovered that in a bad way.

They already were long passing Kamenka, Pavel decided to bring Ilja and Alina some food since Ilja was very quick to get back to his daughter when they left chernogorsk.

Joshua was going with him for a short time to get to his cabin and rest a bit.

When he got inside, he was laying down on his bed without getting out of his clothes and immediatly felt to deep sleep.

It had to be a half or maybe an hour later when he was woken up by someone hammering with his fists against his door, screaming something he couldn't understand while he was almost still asleep.

Joshua first told him to "fuck off", realising shortly after where he was and what was happening in the last days and that they were in a dangerous situation still.

He stood up and walked to his door to open it up, suffering from his short sleep.

When he got to the door, he realized that he couldn't understand a word and it wasn't because he was tired or something then more that the person on the other side was screaming like in a rage and not even trying to speak out a singel word.

As he was kind of careful because of his past experiences with riot cops evicting trying to enter the squats he was living in, he grabbed a small pipe just to be sure and waited for the one on the other side to loose interest.

Well, after ten minutes he did loose it indeed.

Joshua waited for five minutes before he opened his door slow and quiet, he looked in the hallway to make sure no one is there.

When he turned around to get his stuff, he saw that his whole door was covered in blood and was so surpised and shocked by that, that he sayed "fuck" and regretting it immediatly as he now heard some noises down the hallway where the cantine were located.

He didn't got back into his room, instead began moving quickly in the other direction, around the corner were the cabin was in wich they put Ilja and his daughter.

When he was running around the corner of the hallway, he noticed a body was laying in the door from this cabin while he could only see his legs with some black boots on his feet.

Joshua remembered that boots, they were Pavels and so were this legs, covered in blood.

He built up some kind of friendship with him, since he liked Pavel's way to look at the world and they found this boots in the streets of amsterdam together and Pavel were really excited about them.

It seemed like the reason for Alina to sleep all the time, was not that she were exhausted then more like she got bitten by one of this bloodthirsty infected.

This virus is indeed fast spreading and incubating, Joshua thought while running by the cabin, not looking on the dead body of this friend.

He reached the next crossing and turned to the bridge to see where they where heading.

When he reached the bridge, the doors was only leaning and he could see through the small opened door inside the bridge, saw all the blood and pieces of human bodys laying on the ground.

He stepped back, shocked from this picture of the rests of his fellow crew members and stumbled across an ripped off arm on the ground.

This created a lot of noise and what remains of the crew noticed this immediatly.

Then the screaming started. A screaming wich waved through the whole ship.

Joshua turned around and started to run as fast as he could, trying to reach the deck and maybe one of the rescue boats.

When he reached the door to the deck, he risk a look behind him, just to see Alina, Ilja and the rest of the crew chasing him.

One of them was missing one arm, most of them were covered with big wholes all over their body and parts of their insides were hanging out and was even missing a part of his jaw.

All of this enlighted by the strange light of the moon and the stars.

He regretted it right after.

This was the second thing in his life he regretted, all two even in the same hour.

When he reached the ceiling, he jumped over it, regardless of what was waiting on the other side.

He didn't wanted to die like this.

When his feet touched the cold,dark ocean, he felt save.

He saw the Balalaika leaving into the wide sea, her crew standing on the deck as undead monsters, screaming into the night after their escaped prey.

Joshua begun to swim towards the coast, or at least were he expected to coast to be since it was almost pitch black around him after some clouds were moving in front of the moon.

His clothes begun quickly to soak the salty water in and where getting really heavy, making it hard for him to swim at all.

On top of that, his body was suffering from the low amount of food they had the last two days the need to sleep really badly.

As the time flew by, it felt like hours for him, he got more and more tired, eventually forgetting to swim and finally the need to sleep and the happenings of the last hours overwhelmed him and he lost consciousness.

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