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Zaren Tylon's Journal

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Date : 00/00/2013

Page 1

Day 1

First Journal Entry -

I just managed to find an empty book which will allow me to log all of the happenings during my days here in Chernagorsk, as well as any information I find pertaining to the secrets that the government were seeking to hide from me. This will start as page one though it was the happenings of yesterday. I will speak as if it was still the day.

Today I found myself waking with many aches in my back. I sat near the camp with D3 members and asked one to step on my back and crack it. When the pain was gone I began to notice how cold the days were getting, and how short they were now. Likeliest it was growing further into fall and nearly to winter now.

After we had left camp, many of us headed for Electro where we encountered some members of the NRF faction. In my personal opinion they over step themselves on land that does not belong to them. There was a gun fight with them. We ended up having two vehicles though.

Once we left Electro we headed north along the coast where we ran into a group of three guys in a pink van... pink... Oh boy was it a sight to behold, flowers and all. After the men were disarmed we asked them some questions, though I forgot entirely to ask them about the government bunker hidden in this area, or any government stronghold locations, even just plane set up locations where I might find some documents.

After we sent those men along the road we moved towards the camp of the free medics. I do not quite understand the significance of the free medics. Granted what they do is noble, but they horde so many items then get mad when people come to take them. When we arrived we found many members of other factions there as well. Many of whom were affiliated with the NRF.

We finally initiated on the group, and got several kills before some of the Dragons managed to push us out. Frankly it was just a fact that there were to many people. A hard to control situation which got thrown off by those who refuse to surrender. Since we were all in the open, and they were in cover, it made it impossible to clear them out before we had to leave to avoid their reinforcements.

Later in the day, myself and another D3 member found ourselves a random Dragon member. Once we had him in a good position I initiated. I give the Dragons credit, they are quite fearless in the face of danger. I regret having been forced to pull the trigger and allow a bullet to pierce his forehead. If it makes him feel better, the body was burnt so he would not of been eaten by the undead.

The Dragons truly amaze me. Men completely fearless in a time such as this. I understand first hand what it is to have courage in a time of battle, and to not let fear take you. But these few are beyond men, they show no fear even now at worlds end.

Information Found About Government Secret -

Gabrial Hightower told me today about a military outpost set up recently near the coast south next to a airbase and town called Bolota. I hope to make my way down there at some point to find documents or information about the secrets they are hiding. Perhaps it will be nothing, or I might find something. Wish me luck.

Closing -

I thank God for my life, friends, and all things he has given me. I pray that he continues to protect the path I walk, and that he will lead me to the answers I seek. I hope the best for myself and my friend's tomorrow.

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Pretty good to read. Well done.

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Page 2

Day 2

Today some interesting things happened. I have to keep this short as at the moment I am being hunted and this is the middle of the night. The fire is lit and needs to be out soon.

So today my friend from D3 and I made out way to the Free Medic camp again because we had radio coms with a team member that was already there. I was looking forward to talking with many people, and I hoped to find some information about the government situation. But to be honest I forgot to ask about it till later.

After we arrived I enjoyed moving about and having decent conversations with several people. A man spoke to me as well he was black and called himself a Quarry brother. Frankly I'm not sure who they are but he seemed nice. Told me about how he wishes the free medics the best and hopped we might eventually be friends with them.

In my own opinion the last few attacks D3 has made at the camp was not because of the Free Medics, but because of those there. There have been numerious times when NRF and its allies have been there. The Dragons who we meant to attack two days ago for example. They were at the camp, and I even believe the Dragons to of attacked and stole from the Free Medics.

I told this to the man and he told me it would be wise to ask the Free Medics to inform us when a Dragon was there, and perhaps not disarm the Free Medics, warn them when we were coming and so on. I told him this would be impossible as the Dragons have many allies.

Say for instance we allow the Free Medics, and Free Medic Defenders to keep their weapons. Obviously some will want to get protected positions. So we allow them, then NRF and Brotherhood decide to come and reinforce the Dragons. It will be next to impossible to tell who from who. And there is always the possibility that they could be caught in cross fire. It is easiest for everyone if everyone is disarmed. Granted we cannot take every weapon, so they would likely get to keep them anyway. It is a difficult situation.

After that all happened we noticed several men running to the north towards one of our members. We pursued quickly and questioned the man we found, though he claimed to be alone (when we saw at least 2) and that he was searching for a sniper he saw. We told him to please not pursue the sniper as it was ours, and we would find it as hostile if he continued to seek it.

Eventually after continuing to search for the other member, we found a female which was latest seen with the heli the Free Medics had in their position. She was questioned and refused to give information. We saw this as an opportunity to further our armory, so we disarmed her and were going to hold her for ransom. But the Free Medic Defense Force did their duty, and well. There was a long bloody fight with many casualties on both sides.

Government Secrets -

So I made my way south to the place outside of Bolota town and found the military outpost Gabrial spoke of. As I approached I noticed the the walking dead all around it. Some in white doctor coats and some soldiers. On the road I saw body bags and crashed Humvee's with dead soldiers next to them, leading me to the conclusion that they got completely destroyed.

I approached the gates to the compound and entered silently. Once inside the compound I began searching through tents. Many were trashed and looted, some broken weapons and torn open medical supplies layed strewn about the area. I managed to find some boxes and when I searched them I found vanilla colored folders labeled very important. I gathered up as many as I could carry and left the compound, I could hear gunshots in the distance which I wanted no part of.

Closing -

Tomorrow is looking to be a good day. Hopefully we will get in a tangle with NRF again and get to show those Dragons we mean business. I also hope something will develop between the Free Medics and D3. I guess only time will tell.

I thank God for the life and breath he has given me. And I ask him to protect my continued pursuit for answers.

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"When Zipcouda is not screaming at children, he is busy writing poetry like this.

Some say that to this day, his writing prevents him from having to constantly yell"

//on a serious not,e, fun read pal :)

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Page 3

Day 4

This will be a journal entry of what happened yesterday though this will be a short entry, I can hardly lean up from the bed much less concentrate. I am in a lot of pain.

The day seemed short mostly. Not much had been going on as myself and two other members of D3 drove around gathering supplies. Medical, food, weapons, ammo, clothing. The day was going well till the end when we were on our way back to camp.

On the road somewhere along the coast we were driving when we saw a faint light ahead. I was in the back seat passenger side of the car. Trying to rest my eyes when I heard a bang and felt something wet on my face. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I wiped my face with my sleeve and saw a red blob flowing over the seat from the man in the front passenger seat.

The driver swerved roughly toward the right. The car must of sailed over a rock because I felt my head swinging back and forth as the world spun. The car must of been flipping.

Once we came to a stop It took me several minutes to realize what was happening. I felt great pain in my leg, and heard shouting as well as gun shots. I could hear gunfire from the front of the car but saw nothing. I hoped the driver was still alive. I unbuckled myself and smashed my elbow into the already cracked door window.

Once it was broken I crawled out. I could hardly see, but I could feel warmth from the direction of the car, likely it was on fire. I continued to crawl away from the talking and gun fire. After several minutes I started to feel a cold wet feeling on my hands and face. I likely made it to the coast. I crawled into the water which caused me a great deal of pain in my leg when earlier I felt nothing.

So much pain shot through my body that I could hardly breath. I felt my consciousness fading as the wetness flowed over my body. I knew though that if I fell asleep I would likely of died. I laid there for what seemed like forever with the pain and cold water crashing against me.

I could feel myself falling away so I tried to pull myself back the way I came onto the coast. I could still feel cool water on my feet before my consciousness left me.

This is all I remember before waking up today in this bed. I will likely be out of commission for a few days. No one has spoken to me about my condition as I woke up just recently. I drank water which hurt, so I think ill refrain from eating.

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