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Guest Farmboy102

Is it on? Ok... Ehem... Well errr... Hi There

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Guest Farmboy102

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen and those infected on the other side of that this big metal door in front of me.

I am sending this broadcast to all you survivors who have made it this far. Now I know it has been hell on earth here in Chernarus but I want to remind you all to not lose hope. We must never lose hope that some day Chernarus will be cleared of the Infected. We must never give up on the men and woman fighting the war against the undead. We must never give up on our fight against the bandits who try to claim this land as their own. We must never stop believing that someday, and maybe someday soon the admins... Err Government of this mod... I mean great land will let me and others like me inside the borders to rid Chernarus of the evil that lurks around at night.

You may sit there listening to this and ask yourself. "Who is this man" well let me tell you, No I am not your salvation. No I am not a warlord. No I am not here to steal your beans. I am but a humble honest man trying to make a difference in this world we are in. Trying to fight the good fight for all those that we have lost.

Mark my words. If the gates are opened to me, I will avenge every man and woman who has died in the line of duty against the undead. I will bring justice to every bandit who ever laid hands on the innocent survivors of this land and lastly I will give aid to those who have any need what so ever.

I hope this broadcast reaches you and that it gives you all the hope and faith to carry on.

There will be a brighter tomorrow... Some day.

My name is not important but you can call me Farmboy and I hope I will be allowed to return.

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Nice introduction!

Welcome and good luck on surviving!

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