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first chapter of MY DAYZ book(About Dayzrp)

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Chapter 1

A meeting like no other

Siorre's life flashed before his eyes. When he was a depressed child, all the way to his life now. The explosion threw him out of the car and he landing against a tree. The smoke was dreadful and tears rolled down his cheeks, "fuck, that hurt". He started to limp towards the car and pick up the gear that could be salvageable. He fell over as a sharp ping of pain shot up his body. He screamed what he thought to be louder than a whole horde of zombies. another ping of pain hit him, then he blacked out.

Siorre woke up indoors. where the fuck am i?]he thought. He sat up and saw people burst into the room with guns pointed at him. Then a man with a hoodie on appeared. the hood was up and looked down so the shadows masked his face. "Hello, I Daniel, Govenor of Novaya Rossiyskaya Federatsiya." Siorre looked up and saw the man take off the hood to reveal a scar that went from his temple to the right side of his cheek. "We saw the explosion from here, sorry for my men shooting you in the leg, They thought you were a zombie. But enough talking about us, tell us who you are?" Siorre looked around the room to see dead captives laying on other beds. That was the smell that was making him sick. He waited a minute to say an answer, "My name is Sergei Siorre Wiltshire, Australian spy." The man looked surprised by the answer but then smiled. "Oh, this is interesting, an Australian has come into Chernarus just to die by the NRF." Siorre was take aback from this statement. Siorre looked him in his eyes and said, "You can't kill someone you can't catch." The Governor came closer intrigued. Siorre stared at the window that was broken. The bad thing was, he did't know what floor he was on in the house. "You think you can escape NR-" His words were interrupted when Siorre kicked him in the chest. Siorre got up and ran towards the windows. Bullets were flying past him.His adrenaline washed away and pain took over him. "AGH!" He forgot about how his leg was shot. He shook away the pain and dived through the window.He opened his eyes and saw he was already on the ground.He chest was hurting from the landing. He limped as fast as he could away. He stopped to see zombies burst into the house he was just in. He heards screams from infected and human. Siorre smiled a sadistic one, "Guess I will see you in hell." He limped away before the infected got a whiff of him.

End of chapter 1.

It's not that long. More like a prologue :P

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