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Guest killer080812

My character on DayzRP

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Guest killer080812

Name: SandMan

Age: 14

Height: 5ft 5

Family: Mum,Dad

The day i was born, my family was sent to fight in WW3 over in Russia, Russia had formed an alliance with Germany,Japan,Korea and china. however England had formed an alliance with France, Belgium, USA, Norway,Denmark and other countries in Europe. I myself had been put in a tough situation. I was born with some mental problems making me an outcast of the 30th century world, Although i was very mischievous and very strong it cindof played well for me... I was to stay in a orphanage with 5 other children whose names meant nothing to me as i could not spell read or right. Even there i was bullied and tormented by the children and the adults, so one day i hatched a plan to escape. the day came by when i was to escape and as expected my plan worked and i was out but i realized that was the safest place for me. all i saw was army men running around gathering citizens for safety. no one stopped for me except a doctor, named Georgia who helped me as much as she could. we moved to a small town on the outskirts of cherno a witch was a large city, by this time i tread Georgia as my mother and she treated me as a son. on one of our daily walks through the town a group of army men took my friend my mother away as she was need on the battlefield. that same day i was put back in a orphanage. a few weeks past from when my mother was taken, by this time i was full of depression until one moment that change my life. Zombies took over and i heard that my mother was treating people in a camp in the region so i ran to find here.

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