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TS Clan Channel

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could i please have a ts channel for The Resistance....it was there last night and its been deleted...can i please have it back :) ?

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this thread is a reminder about "how to get your clan channel" in the DayZRP Teamspeak server.

- To request a TS channel the clan must be registered in ClanCP with at least 5 members

- Clan leader must send a request with a link to clans ClanCP page to a GM or an Admin to create a channel (on TS)

- Clan channel name must follow this pattern: [CLANTAG] Clanname

- Main clan channel must have link to ClanCP in the first line of the channel description

- Max 3 (three) subchannels, of which 1 can be without a password (public)


If you wish to have subchannels, tell the GM/Admin you're talking to about these subchannels. 

Please do not poke GMs or admins if you don't have (or won't immediately do) everything stated above.

Clan channels that do not respect those steps will be deleted.


Best regards,

-The Staff Team

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Most of the channels get deleted for not having the ClanCP link in their main channel. GMs always try to PM the Channel admins. If there are none online, the channel will simply be deleted.

Remember to always follow the TS guidelines.

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