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Fish Fry and Beer

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I am just going to throw this out there prior to the next patch coming out...

The Lost and Found hobo nation is currently based out of Cherno and consider the railroad tracks along the coastline to be their territory to patrol and look for wandering lost souls to recruit into the family...

I heard that fishing will be possible with the next patch... and being coastal hobos and all, we plan to make it one of our commodities for trading... We are going to be gathering seafood come the day we are able and transporting it to the North to various outposts in exchange for whatever.

We will also have public fish fry dinners in Cherno along with cold (mostly cold) beer to wash it down with.. Fresh seafood cooked up for any and all who need a hot meal and a ice cold brew...

Basically what this ends up coming down to, as well, is that I would like to ask if anyone has a large fishing boat they wouldnt mind donating - we would be forever in their debt... though im quite certain it would get stolen within a few days :/

We had found a large fishing vessel earlier but were unable to refuel it and get it un-beached :(

We would love to have a large fishing boat for our RP and sail along the coast, casting our nets and singing sailor songs...

This is but a dream *wipes tear from eye*... it would be so beautiful.

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The support is much appreciated, and if we ever get our hands on a boat I will gladly offer cruises along the coastline free of charge with plenty of beer and fish! Yes, yes... The hobos will soon be known for their gourmet seafood and become famous as people from the northern reaches travel miles upon miles just to have some Hobo Fish Fry down south.

MMmmmmm I can smell it now... beer battered shrimp and prawns... beer battered EVERYTHING... and BEER... BEER BATTERED BEER!....

Whoever delivers on a large fishing boat, I will give a lifetime supply of beer and fish for free come next patch... and a honorary friend and member within the hobo nation.

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I would like to let everyone know that the lost and found is now in possession of a fishing vessel. I sincerely hope nobody feels the need to vandalize, steal, or otherwise spoil the perfect RP that is about to be had.

If you catch our vessel patrolling along the coastline, following the same route as the railroad, feel free to holler for a lift. We love good company to share a beer with!

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