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I need a new Monitor.

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So. I don't know much about Monitors or what to use. I heard BenQ ones are good.

So requirements.

  • £120-£200 MAX
  • VGA (Obviously)
  • HDMI (< This is a must. I'm not sure if it's default to come with HDMI nowadays)
  • No 4:3 Aspect Ratio CS Master Race Monitors.

So I would like some recommendations for monitors. What ones are "best" or what ones I should avoid ect.

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Sadly I cannot warrant a monitor that expensive if I don't have a computer that can play games at highest graphics with a high framerate. Seems like a waste of money currently when I could buy a $200 Monitor and spend the rest on upgrades IF I had that sort of money to spend in the first place :D

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This one seems the best for £160. Hoping its still on sale when I get my money in.

Well that's without tax. It's £190. But I think for £190 its a nice monitor for the price.

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I use a tv :P I need an actual monitor though

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