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Matt Daniels Backstory

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//Give your honest opinion on it, just a start to it, still needs some work!

Matt ‘Twitch’ Daniels suddenly jolted awake up sat up quickly to find that he was in a dark place, It all started to come back. I was sitting in the back of a black SUV armed with a M16A4 HOLO between my legs, behind me was another black SUV filled with more team members for the important hit on the government leader in power in the remote country on Chernarus. I was an agent for hire to do just about anything, Surveillance missions, Hits, Bodyguards for a V.I.P you name it I had done it with his team. Bang! I yelled out to Jim to pull over and tell the other vehicle to stop too. I opened the door to gunshots ringing in my ears; I looked back into the car and saw the inside of Jim's head splattered all over the leather in the car. I reached for the radio while more shots were bouncing off the road and surrounding objects. I ripped the radio off Jim’s lifeless body and told Frank and everyone else to fall back.

As I Watched the car behind me reverse frantically. I noticed the grenade roll over to the car, a blinding light stung my eyes and I felt hands yanking him towards his attackers. As my eyes adjusted to the flash grenade I saw the back of a beat up old car. As I turned around he saw the butt of the gun flying towards him and it made contact with my head. That is where I realized why I am in this dark space. I decided to pretend to be sleeping and waited for the trunk of the car to be opened. The moment had finally come when the Trunk opened and I followed it with a punch, I heard the crack of the guy’s nose as the man that was given orders to get me fell to the ground. I looked around and saw medical tents everywhere, I started to sneak to the other car and opened to trunk to find Frank tied up and bleeding from a small cut above is left eyebrow. As I took the cloth out of Frank’s mouth he whispered '' We are in a medical camp, we need to find out way out of here.'' Frank nodded and got out of the trunk when we heard a click of a gun being loaded, A big character commanded us to follow him to a tent about 50 metres away. We walked through the arch of the tent and were greeted by a British man. ''Keep calm, we know who you are and need your help, something is happening that is a problem and we need all the help we can get.'' I raised an eyebrow and told His captor to go on. '' The dead are rising and the country is condemned, the end is near and the government is to blame because of this. Help us because we need trained personal to run the camp''

The Realization kicked in, Frank and I have gotten into trouble. Suddenly we heard a scream and people started yelling orders. I ran outside the tent and was greeted by gunfire in his ear, Figures were flooding in through the open gate and they started attacking any living thing they saw. Frank came up beside me and watched over my shoulder what was happening. I glanced behind and saw figures coming through the other entrance, I started to yell but it was too late. Frank fell down and let the sea of undead feast on him. His last word was ''run.'' I turned and scaled the wall and hit the gravel hard on the other side and my ankle twisted, I looked to my right and saw zombies everywhere and to my left a big hill and pine trees. I limped towards the hill careful not to draw any attention to myself and mad my may into the darkness.

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