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Guest ~CR~Shane

Hello I would like to join the DayzRP

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Guest ~CR~Shane

Hello everybody my name is Shane,

I would like to join the server because im sick of all the KOS'ing and people not working together.I wanted to try something new and since im a big fan of LARPING(Live Action Role Playing) I figure I be great.I have a microphone TS and the whole 9 yards im sixteen and realy hope you take your time to read this. My in game name is ~CR~Shane almost all servers I play on I get KOS'ed and cant even play the game so please and thank you for taking your time to read my thread,


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You have to submit an application onto the whitelist in order to get accepted. Also, I wouldn't have CR in front of your name, because in game, that means "Camp representative". Read the rules More then 4 times, i'd say, then go do your whitelist located under the DayZRP tab at the top of the webpage.

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