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Guest XxOdgamingxX

Hello World!

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Guest XxOdgamingxX

Hey guys and girls of chernarus!

I'm Ryan and im hoping to get onto the servers and play with some of you!

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Guest Cameron12321


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Guest XxOdgamingxX

Thanks for the warm welcome guys anyone mind giving me some tips with my back story?

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Welcome :)

Its all up to you with that backstory :P

You should check out the Roleplay section in the forums. There you can actually find some nice ideas for a backstory.

I hope i helped :)

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Guest XxOdgamingxX

Thanks MouseR I think im going to post it here too so some of you can see it if you want :

Name: Ryan Strudfelt

Age: 18

Nationality: English

Biography: I was on a hunting trip with my brother Chaz when it all started...

We had just returned from the woods with fresh kill ready to prepare when we noticed that the army had roled into novy sobor, They were acting as a deathsquad

When we noticed that they were opening fire on civilians we imediatly got back in our truck and made a dash for the hills

But somthing happened some one ran out infront of our truck and i swerved

i crashed into a tree and was baddly wounded

my older brother chaz pulled me out of the truck and bandaged my wounds but they were extremly bad... he couldent save me in my current state

i told him to take the hunting rifle and look for help in the near by towns

and he left me with only a makarov and five shots to fend my self untill his return

i blacked out as he left..

When i awoke i appeared to have moved, I was in a military camp

it had been eight days since my brother left me in the woods, and the military began to question me when they saw my signs of infection were false

[21:31:33] Ryan strudfelt: they asked me where i was from and what my job was.

i explained to them that i was a brittish marksmen by proffesion and showed them my papers stating my departure date for the F.O,B in takistan

as they talked to me more i revealed my home town and the name of my elder brother

i told them i was raised in brighton a city by the sea in great brittan

They handed me a lee enfield and asked me to help with holding the gates where possible, i could see they were in a bad way

as i approached the gates i heard a familiar voice

My brother had been guided to the camp by one of the scouts...

he apeared to have been shot in the leg but looked like he could walk fine

he swapped my lee enfield for my old hunting rifle

but then a shot was fired....

some one was attacking the camp and people were trying to gain entrance

chaz led me around the back and provided cover while i got to the trees once again

he ran to the trees while i covered him

but it was getting dark

he ran in the wrong part of the woods and we got seperated.

Now i am here just trying to find him, and if need be help him move on...

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hello and Goodluck! I suggest not to go with that Military backround! its kind of chewed up. worked well for me not to do that. And it shouldn't be a wall of text. Hope i could help u out abit. Feel free to do what ur want.

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