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Hey everyone, I'm Ben

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So i just recently started getting into roleplaying. Never thought i would be into it as much as i am currently. It started as a one time "why not lets try it" sorta thing and now it has turned into an obsession. Its so much more fun actaully interacting with people and creating a whole new story and world for myself and enjoying the stories of others. So i guess thats just a little about how i stumbled upon this great world. Anyways im hoping to get signed up asap so i can hopefully bring a new interesting story to share with everyone and create all sorts of situations. Thx and hopefully whoever reads this ill see You soon.

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Hey thx for the greetings guys. Seems like a good community to join already.

Question. What is the normal waiting time before i know if im accepted or not? Im reaaly hoping to be playing by this weekend. Thx in advance.

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G'day Ben :> Good to see you enjoy roleplaying. Look forward to checking it out some day.

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