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Guest Leo Wyatt

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Guest Leo Wyatt

Hello, I'm a new user at DayzRP from Spain.

I was looking for a guide and servers to start playing DayZ on internet. I bought it last night. ¿What's good and what's bad?... I'm not speak English. I understand everything (more o less), but I dont know grammar... so I think I couldn't play right here, but I love RolePlays (I came from GTA:SA-MP, I play Airsoft in real life, etc...) and I think launcher is so fucking dificult (servers have got high pings, servers apperars and disappear, beta, versions) but I wont search anymore.

I want play here. I can be the dumb friend or I can be a Mexican friend who escaped from war/infection and ran away to the north. I can be a traumatized or tortured friend who never speaks, but I listens and fight like a rude boy... I can be a good role player if You think I'll disturb with my bad English while I speak in chat or TS.

What do You think?

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If you understand English, that's a start, but being able to speak it might be important. While you could easily roleplay a non-English speaker, being able to type English may be necessary for OOC, or if you're required to file a report or reply to one.

However, I can't imagine any reason why you couldn't just RP a non-English speaking character, really, since most people use voice. Being able to understand it is far more important than being able to speak it clearly.

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