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Hello DayzRP Community o/

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I'm Zodi Emish. Well at least that's one of my past role playing names. I'm of course new here. But your community has pique my interest. You see. I'm a long time role player. well long time by my standards. I first started with Merp ( middle earth role play ) back at the end of middle school, but most of that RP has been in games. So I have been doing RP for close to 10 years now. In that time I have been a bard, elf, hobbit, Pirate, flight commander ( guild leader ) of a rebel alliance fighter wing, an Imperial Storm trooper, a Star Fleet Captain, and others. Now I am looking to add confused, scared, and lost survivor to that list.

The problem is dayz has changed. I have only played about 6 to 7 months but it is different from when I started. Yeah I got shot at a lot, but it seemed like the players were trying harder. My first death in Dayz was being held up by someone who was looking to rob me. Sadly I could not figure out how to drop my gun in time, and he said he could not take the risk due to a car approaching.

Needless to say even with me dying it was awesome. It got my heart pumping, and it seemed like most interactions were like that. You run into someone. become friends, got held up, or just help them out. It wasn't always KOS. Now it seems that is what the game has turned into. Even when I am fully geared, or in a group, I get attacked by fresh spawns pistols and hatchets. ( I can't call it fun gunning down three players with hatchets because one of them thinks he can kill me and take my gear. )

So that is what brings me here. I was looking around for hives and mods that might have less CODing and more interactions between players. I came across dayzrp, and after watching a few videos, and reading a few stories about the servers, and community I have to say I like what I have seen. Players not killing for gear, but still has PVP. You have bandits kidnapping and holding up players. Heroes who go around and help. Putting themselves in danger for someone they did not even know. Back Stabbings, Bounty Hunting, betrayals, road blocks and If I understand right there are two major factions at war.

This place sounds like my kind of community. So I'm just saying hello, and if I get accepted I look forward my time here.

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[align=justify]You sound like an awesome person, I would love to see you as part of this community.

Who knows I might stumble across you in-game. Stay safe and good luck o/

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Hey ZodiEmish, Welcome to the DayZRP community. If you haven't already, you can read the Rules Here and be constantly checking them for updates which will be highlighted in Green. Looking to stay up to date on all things DayZRP? You can follow their Twitter, like their Facebook page, or you can check the Announcements which have weekly newsletters. Want to join a clan? You can head to our clan forums and become a member of any of the multiple clans we have, or even create your own.

As I said before, welcome to the DayZRP community, we are sure you'll have a great time.

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