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DayZ FPS problems

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Hey there guys, i have followed all guides to help with fps but nothing i try seems to work and i fell my pc can to better then 25 fps in cherno.

Nomatter what graphic i have it on my fps stays the same, my pc is as follows.

Gaming RIG

CPU: AMD FX8350 @ 4Ghz 8 core Cpu

GPU: ATI 6970 OC Edition

RAM: 8GB Corsair 1333MHz

PSU: Thermaltake 80+ 530W

HDD: 2 x 160GB western digital 7200rpm

Screen: Shitty square 19" moniter @ 1280*1024

the game looks discusting



I can upload a video but my internt is incredibly bad so it would take me 3 days at least

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A bad internet connection does actually cause fps drop or appears to, have you tried checking your ping? As for the bad looking game... I'll leave that for someone else.

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So, these are the things that could cause this for you:

Your HDDs, they are ok, but DayZ is a pretty hard drive dependant game, so this might be an issue.

(Have you tried using RamDisk?)

Your internet connection, slow connection may cause stuttering, desync and lag...

As you have 8Gb of Ram you could try RamDisk!

It should increase your fps drastically!

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I am planning on getting an SSD would this be the best thing to do ?

And its not my internet i have 140 ping so not that bad.

But i just don't understand why it looks so bad that my main concern as my friend runns it on lower setting and it looks much better on his.

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I'll be honest with you, it's primarily to do with a) connection and b) the servers.

If it's a full server, say goodbye to stable FPS, it's just how things are. DayZ being a mod, it's never going to be stable and with ARMA being the gossipy, "let's tell everyone's computer, everything that's happening all at once everywhere on the map", engine that it is, it just struggles when there's lots to process such as big towns.

Any hardware changes won't see much of a difference so there's no need to invest in that. Try playing normal ARMA 2:OA, load up the Armory mission file, fly to Cherno and see how it is.

Those images aren't a good gauge either, you've chosen to take a screenshot on an overcast day with almost half blood. Of course it will poor friend. The truth is too that ARMA doesn't look too different from Low to High Settings. The only real visual improvements you'll see are with the Shadows and ATOC.

Antialiasing doesn't need to be that high, that's incredibly tasking to do. Also I find that the PPAA set on sharp only worsens the image for me.

What setting have you got the 'Player Settings' on when you scroll your mouse wheel?

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Doesn't low blood just make it darker same with over cast you can see the quality of the grass and the tress are bad will take some more in day time.

My player settings are on near and if i don't have the anti aliasing that high it is horrible. I don't mind playing with bad graphics im just wondering if what im getting is average. BTW you have to load the full picture to see what im talking about the small one doesn't show it.

And thanks agian for the replys

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Oh the artefacts in the trees in particular? For me I've always found that to be the PPAA set to sharp. Essentially anti-aliasing is to stop the jagged edges that appear when trying to process/capture diagonal lines. Obviously with trees and grass never being straight, it's a tough job to not have these jagged lines.

The thing is, adding the sharp filter undoes this good work that the anti-aliasing does because it's trying to bring detail back by sharpening where as the Anti-aliasing softens the image slightly to get rid of those lines in the first place.

How high is that PPAA sharp filter set at?

Also try turning down the Anisotropic filtering as that is sharpening the image too. Essentially, you can either have the game sharpened to hell and back like we see here. Or you soften it slightly to give it an overall better look.

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