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Bastion Steamkey giveaway

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Hi guys,

first i want to advertisa a bit for the website HumbleBundle.com

For those who dont know it, they offer bundles (Weekly are games, normal bundles often games, sometimes music or ebooks).

You can pay as much as you want to get the basic bundle, to get extra games, you have to pay something above the average.

You can split up your Money to charity, the developers and HumbleBundle

Okay, enough advertising ^^

So i got Bastion in the bundle, i already have it, so i can give away the steamkey.

If you dont know what Bastion is, just google it, i dont want to write a discription now.

I make it simple because i am not creative, i choose a number between 1 and 100, guess the number, who guess right wins the key. Only 1 try for everyone. If noone is right, i maybe choose the one whose number was the closest

If you dont like it, give me a other idea, if i like the idea, i change the way :D

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choose me because i have cats in my signature!

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Now we play the waiting game.





























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I think i will let it open until tomorrow afternoon/evening, so you dont have to wait sooo long.

But who knows, maybe the right answer is already given

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17 my love.

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I see a preference of numbers below 50.

Open until this evening ^^


Hmmm it has a meaning but i dont think anyone here could connect these things xD

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Guest CoolGuy

33 is the answer you can all quit now.

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57! good number

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Hey guuuuuuys, the number was:


1938, Otto Hahn, german physicist , discovered the nucluear fission. And we all know that nuclear fission is nice ^^ We all love it radioactivety

The second thing is, 38 is the the atomic number of Strontium and i dont know why but i love the name of this element.

The the winner is: Zhunk, ofcourse the only fucking staffmember who posted here something...

Hmmm but i think i have to give it to him since i already announced the number...

Mehh okay :P Congratulations, send me a PM with your E-mail

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