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My story

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yeah so now i got in I decided that I may share my story i made now, its short but detailed hope you like :)

I also am showing my ingame dude too as I think it somewhat fits the character haha

Davie Scottish Dayer

A 37 year old nobody from Glasgow city in Scotland who was placed in a mental correctional facility indefinitely for the kidnaping and killing of 8 people in the early 1990`s.

David remained in custody of the car stairs mental correctional hospital until 2011 when he was involved in a serious incident involving 2 inmates and a guard.

David was deemed highly dangerous and shortly after trial was moved to the Zelenogorsk high risk mental correctional hospital in Chernarus Russia.

David has serious multiple personality disorder that changes from day to day, he can be very calm and helpful easy to speak to and somewhat shy when he is in a non psychosis state,

but when he changes he can be extremely volatile and only wants to seem to rob,abduct, an or physically harm people if they do not follow anything what he says you should do.

the only sure way that has been discovered to keep people safe from harm is to form a strong bond with him when he is in his calm state.

This secures safety when he turns as he still recognizes his friends when in psychosis.

When the outbreak occurred the hospital he was in was thrown into high alert very fast as guards and other staff feared for family members and slowly but surely left until the remaining staff members could not control the inmates and the inevitable took place.

47 high risk criminally insane prisoners from all over the globe leaked out into the body of Chernarus.

Present day and David has done well for himself,

he is known to tour Chernarus daily and has made some strong bonds with other inmates he escaped with.

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Very nice story, there haven't been many stories like this and sounds really cool. From an out of character perspective I hope I bump into you one day. In character: I just hope I bump into Davie on a good day, if you catch my drift ;)

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Moved to Roleplaying

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I like the story man but the only thing I think is not correct is that Chernarus is in the Czech Republic and not in Russia. From an in-game perspective I hope I don't bump into you :). For my own safety.

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