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Hoping to finally Join

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Hello, My name is Nikolai and i will be playing as the character "Michel Angelo Louis." I was born in Seinajoki, Western Finland, Finland but i have lived in England, Birmingham since i was 1 year old (so sorry to all the Finnish people if i don't speak much Finnish.

I have been playing Island life (i am a staff) but Due to server going to be shut down soon me and a group of friends and Staff have applied to this. I have never played a roleplaying DayZ server before so hopefully this will be brilliant. I cant wait to join the server an adventure around meeting new people in Chernarus and also in my background story i will be trying to get back home to the love of life.

Hopefully soon ill be accepted into DayZRP and actually have some fun i have watched loads of Videos of the server and it looks Amazing.

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Hi there !

Good luck !

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