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Clan Threads - Servers

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I understand that many people mainly play on one of the servers.

This is due to clans, friends and people you may be fond of ICly.

I've recently been looking at clan threads to decide what might suit me best, but I keep having to send PM's to people asking which server their clan primarily uses. Which isn't a problem, it'd just be helpful to know from the thread.

I think it would help people out if clan threads could include which server they primarily use. It would be useful for people like myself when looking to join a clan.

TL;DR - Including which server your clan primarily plays on would be useful in the clan threads.

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This makes sense, most people just don't that's very important.

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IMO it doesn't really matter what server a clan plays on. They're both on the same database so there would never be any problems switching over to the other server if action gets stale.

I don't believe either server to be better. They both have their pros and cons.

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