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Getting new Video card, need advise.

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Slaxx    0

Hi everyone,

Well its time. My old vid card is not keeping up to snuff with the times, and I am gonna bite the bullet and purchase a new one from Newegg.

I am gonna get the EVGA GTX 780 AXC Cooler model for around $659.00ish.

My question is: My Power supply is the HEC Zephyr MX-750W. I know that the EVGA card req. 600w min, but it also says I need 42AMPS on the 12volt rail (my power supply says 30amps). I called EVGA and they said it should be fine just do not overclock ( they say that for everything tho). I also check PC-help website which says I also should be fine/compatible.

Just figured I would play it safe and ask my fellow RPer's what they think??

Rest of my system is:

Motherboard- ASUS Sabertooth z77

Processor- I7 3770k

One T standard hard drive

32G ram Corsair

Windows 7 Prof.

Thanks everyone for there time,

Slaxx (aka: Doctor Joe Reed)

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GlitchyV2    0

Should work 100%, and btw, that card is A BEAST!

I wish i had the money for one of those :P

Just have to make sure the +12v can push at least 42amps for the card. And it looks like it can push 46amps.

A little bit of Google can help you ;)

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Yes, that should run fine, as long as you don't overclock. By the way, nice choice on that card. I think I'm going to order one soon.

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