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Rules of Engagement (RoE)

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Rules of Engagement

Seeing the way faction conflict and settlement attacks currently work makes me cringe. And a lot of people seemingly have issues with it as well. What I found was positive and working in other communities is a RoE that deals with that and gives people a set of outlines they can work within. The list of issues as I see them (feel free to add on or argue against any of them):

  1. A conflict has no clear outlines and can keep going forever and never really decisively end
  2. Members of opposing factions are not tracked, and the person you killed in a faction conflict and fairly defeated them might kill you the next day
  3. Even if someone does „win“ a conflict, there are no real assets coming from it other than maybe loot (which bigger factions have plenty of stockpiled).
  4. Faction conflict lacks roleplay a lot, or at least good roleplay

The first issue that needs addressing is the lack of outlines. I think a good idea is to propose a „declaration of war“. It is an easy start of a conflict and it can be declared in two ways:

  • An actual conflict just naturally starting, i.e. group A gets shot at by group B so a war starts
  • A declaration because of non-violent conflict (i.e. verbal, like two groups meeting at a trading spot, not necessarily shooting) or a declaration because you want someone’s assets (more on that later)

Following the declaration, in either way, a list of members of each clans or factions or groups should be gathered. This is the responsibility of the faction leader. They should gather GUIDs (or PUIDs?) and names of characters and put them into a neat list. This list is sent to a game master who will be overseeing the declared war.

Each time a member of either of the groups is killed, they need to be striken out of that list and declared as killed. For the time being, until the war ends, they cannot further participate in faction activities and are effectively out of the conflict until it ends. This is partially the GM’s responsibility and also the individual faction members – they are to PM the GM with their dead members and the GM will strike them out.

  • An effective punishment needs to be proposed for breaking that (i.e. participating in a conflict after you’ve been killed out of it) – I propose a full character wipe, including forcing the player to assume a new name (i.e. a new character) and start completely anew.

After that, we need to settle down on win/lose conditions. I propose two things:

  1. The leader(s) of either factions are all killed – that faction loses
  2. The group loses 75% of all their members – that faction loses
    This addresses the first two issues I outlined at the beginning of this post.

As for point three, that is of course a tricky one. I don’t think the only reason for any faction conflict should be solely assets, and it should mostly stem from roleplay. However, the risk losing assets will discourage clans to start stupid wars for no reason, and gaining new assets will be a reward for the skill, planning, strategy, tactics etc. that the winning faction shows.

So what I propose is:

  1. If the losing faction has a settlement or a camp, if they lose, they forfeit the right to use it for a week entirely (they can’t even come close, so no picking up supplies from your stashes)
  2. If the winning faction is interested, they can also gain control of that settlement – HOWEVER they must from thereon populate it and keep it active, they can’t just „hold it“ for no reason whatsoever
  3. If the losing faction has any stashes, they are to hand off 50% of their assets to the winning faction (so split all weapons in half, all ammo, all medical supplies, all food and drinks, all car parts, etc)

That takes care of point three. Now, point three is the trickiest one and has a lot to do with general roleplay level of the community itself and not just faction conflict. However, I think a set of rules like this will introduce at least some level of improvement. Ultimately what I’m sure we’d all like to see would be negotiations, peace offers, tense meetings between factions when they try to settle their differences without further conflict and things like that. The risk of losing assets or members might help with that.

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While you make some good points about role play, the rest I can not support. Why would I give anyone anything for defeating my clan in a shootout? Hell no.

If you take a settlement, it yours as long as you can hold it already. No need for a rule on that.

Stashes are private and should always remain so. If you kill off my clan or any clan..the only 'spoils' you should be entitled to are on the rotting corpses.

Id love to see more RP with negotiations, hostages. ..but thats up to each individual.

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