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The "Truth"About the Recent News About Veritas

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*This is what I know as I talked to ex-leader and he has confirmed most of this, this will be edited as I recieve more news*

As many of you may know, there has been some..... management change in the Veritas. We are not disbanding and we will still man the Sanctuary at all times possible.[/b] Please allow me to explain.

Our ex-leader Sebastion, felt kind of....left out. Most of his clan members were from the United States, and Sebastian being from the UK had to stay up extremely late to even play with clan. It had been taking a toll, and Sebastian couldn't keep up with his need of sleep. So today Sebastian gave up power of the Veritas to Dr. Baker, his right-hand-man, who is american.

The rumors about us leaving Sanctuary to fend for itself are completely bull. Some people don't realise you can't always play 8 hours straight. We usually man it in the US time zones, while DUTY and BHM take the European timezones. Also you need to realise many of us have jobs or school, so just think of these things when we aren't manning the settlement.

Also many people have said, that we are leaving Sanctuary because of this Red Square settlement. The settlement isn't even official yet, it was just suggested and we said we would support it, if it became offical.

Please take all this mind, we are not disbanding we are simply changing into a more US clan. Thank you for your time, and I plan on updating this so don't whine about me lieing.

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Guest CoolGuy

I like your signature, maybe you should like Dog Pigs in the signature. On a on-topic note, thanks for the clarification. I had heard one or two of these rumors myself and really couldn't believe them.

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