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Today in DayZRP

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Well today I jumped onto DayZRP and started my day off by wandering around until I came across a nice fella near the sanctuary, his friend came and picked us up in a bus which then lead to us talking and them dropping me off at the Raven's Nest.

I stayed at the Raven's Nest for over 3 hours protecting people, trading and giving out supplies to people who needed them most. Then, the IRA turned up, put on some tunes and we had a PARTAAY!. Alot of people say bad things about them but if you get to know them then they're pretty nice guys.

Only problem of my day in Chernarus... At around 21:50, we had an unfortunate attack whilst all of the Raven's residence were being ID'd... It was an attack that came with a price, around 6-7 people died before the attacker could be identified and shot.

- Very fun mod this is and looking forward to playing it alot more, meeting new people daily and enjoying everything that is happening around the entire Chernarus map.

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I seem to miss all Sanctuary firefights :(.....

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Happy to hear that you had a great experience in DAYZRP. Hopefully you continue to.

I'm sure I'll be here for a while! :D

Nice! We might run into each other in the future.

Never know, Chernarus is a big world!

Sounded like and adventurous day. Glad you enjoyed it!

Lets put it this way, it was entertaining!

I seem to miss all Sanctuary firefights :(.....

Aww, It's not a good place to be when it's getting raided.

RP is the best

It's really fun. Saves running around and getting shot instantly like in normal DayZ.

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