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HOW TO: ArmA II Launcher

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Lately I've been noticing an exigence for a launcher that works better than the DayZRP launcher.

So, here comes my guide to...

Installing & Setting Up the ArmA II Launcher

Step One: Downloading!

Here is the page the links are located on, but if you're lazy here is a download link.

Step Two: Installing

So, you're going to need an application such as WinRAR or 7-Zip


Once you've extracted the installer, run it.

It'll go through all the normal installation bits, such as where you want it saved, etc.

Step Three: Set Up

When it launches for the first time you should get a message asking for you to give the directory paths to ArmA II and ArmA II OA.

It's fairly straight forward, if you have it on Steam they can be found here...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2

Once you've done that you should get this screen... we're going to start with the Launch Options tab.



Take a look at "Other Options" - marked with green.

So, you want to check everything I've got checked (except for windowed mode), because it'll allow your game to launch the quickest and will improve overall in-game performance.

In the "Profile" drop menu, you're going to want to select the profile you will be playing with.

The "Default World" drop menu prevents the in-game menu from loading a world as the background, it makes it ugly, but it launches quicker.

Now let's move to "Performance" - marked in blue.

You're going to want to check ON "CPU Count", and use the drop menu to specify how many cores you have. By default ArmA launches using ONLY ONE CORE. So, this is an extremely important feature.

Moving on to the ArmA II OA - Beta path, marked in red.

This should be located in the same folder as your OA.exe but it'll most likely be a shortcut, which is perfectly fine.

Last on this tab, the orange, change the drop menu to "ArmA II - CO".


Okay so we're moving back now to the "Addons" tab, in the top left.

You will not have as many addons as I do, so this will seem more complicated than it is.


What you need to do is right click in where I've highlighted red above. You will need to either create, or rename the existing group to "DayZRP", and check it ON.

Then, moving to the blue, drag "@dayzrp" to that group, and check it ON.

Finally, you can start the game, marked in green. It should launch using DayZRP, with your profile selected, and everything should be faster.

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I mainly use Arma II launcher for TCG and ACE, but it can seem a bit clunky to some, but it's much better than Six launcher for quickly getting in game.

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