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Chris Redfield's Journal

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Journal entry #1

Upon arrival with the UN our plane came under fire. The copilot let out a voice shattering screamed. The copilot was hit and we had two engine failures. "everyone, evacuate the plane!", he said. In the panic I just grabbed the parachute and nothing else. unfortunately I had minimal on me... some trail mix, my canteen, and a flashlight. Floating to the ground I saw nothing but blackness. The night surrounded us like falling into the blackest whole. The air chilling, my face becoming numb.

Then we heard voices shouting, "take non alive!". And like the scare you get when you see the first firework go off, the ground light up like a clear night sky, I could only imagine this is what my grandfather experienced in Normandy. Sounds of machine guns, assault rifles, my fellow colleges screaming in pain as they fall to there death with torn chutes. I was no stranger to hot zone landings being in the marines, a former force recon scout sniper. I've trudged through most and lived through it all. But this... An unarmed transport plane carrying nothing but medical supplies. You'd think they want us to land before being pirated.

I aimed my parachute towards a hill giving my silhouette cover from the dim light sky and giving me the overall advantage of high ground. The trees where thick, I hit about a dozen branches before spraining my ankle upon landing. The pain shooting up my leg I couldn't help but to yell out. And a eerie silence fell upon the night... They had stopped shooting the wounded and raiding the lifeless bodies. "Up the hill! GET UP THE FUCKING HILL! I heard. They had heard me" Fuck!", I said this time mumbling to my self. Slandering every tree, root, bush, the thorny bushes especially as I climbed and dragged my useless ankle up the hill.

The cold sweating of my hands made it harder to grab hold of trees to pull my self and touching the nearly frosted dew soil was worse. Breathing in that iron taste and exhaling charcoal exhaust, as my heart was about to beat out of my chest I made it to the top only to fall into a whole dug up underneath a big oak tree.

Trying to free myself from the tangled roots I heard the whisper of foot steps. A beam of light passes over head and again I saw it. With the crack of gun fire a voice with a thick Russian accent says "WE KNOW YOUR OUT THERE, AND WE WILL FIND YOU!"

I waited and waited... and waited until I saw the faint glimmer of dawn pass over the gaping whole I was in. No way anyone would have fell in this in the light of day. As I pried my cold wet body from the damp earth I took a quick glance of my surroundings, I need no more surprises I thought to myself. As I swiped my hand across my face so fast I practically slapped my self... spiders, I hate spiders!

With clear skies and a long road ahead, I set off cautious yet hopeful to find out what could cause such hostility... Could it be the plague I was sent hear to deal with? I don't know, but I will find out.

,Chris Redfield/UN Investigator

Hello guys, I'm still quit new to DayZRP but I'm loving the community and game play more and more. So, I Have made the decision to do this thread containing the story of events of my character in a more moving, and thrilling fashion then just tell you what happens in game. So, I hope you guys like it and if you do please tell me and I will put more into it and maybe come out with a new one every few days. so please stay tuned and maybe give me something to write about.

ps. I'm not sure if anyone has done this type of thing before but i wanted to try it out

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This should be in the RP section.

And work on paragraphs my friend,since it's hard reading that.

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Been done by a few before, but nonetheless it was a good read. As Alan said, paragraphs go a long way to help readers.

Chris Redfield... I wonder where you got inspiration from? :P

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