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Soldier of Failure


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New to the sever. Saying hello n stuff.

Intresting story : First time on the sever I met someone, we travleled to Rog, found a offroad pickup drove it around the map for a hour. Then we get robbed by a bunch of people on a bus. They tell us to run away, so we do, and then I figure out I had a frag grenade in my pocket the WHOLE time. So I sneak back, see the bus full of em, perpare to throw the grenade..... and it flies atleast 50 meters beyond what I thought it would do. Im used to ACE, and those grenades arnt the same I think. Atleast not as bouncy. My friend was upset with my epic miss, and Im sure the bandits where laughing.

tis' was a sad day.

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Hey man and welcome!

Nobody should have an empty joining thread :P

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We've all had that moment that we have that perfect chance for something and ruin it! :P

Anyway, Welcome...back? October 2012 sure was a long time ago.

If you have any questions about the changes in DayZRP, or anything regarding DayZRP, feel free to shoot me a PM! I'll be glad to help as much as I can!

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Guest Rhinjavar

Oh wow, that was quite a while ago, haha! Regardless, hello and welcome!

That is quite a neat story for a first-time adventure with another player. I have yet to bump into any other players while playing (though I tend to remain hidden as much as possible) and I certainly have never found a vehicle or a grenade. I can only imagine the thrill it must be, and the thrill you and your buddy no doubt had in that situation, too. :)

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